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avocado puns

Avocado Puns

  1. Can I have your last avocado?
    Avocadon’t you dare.
  2. You have guac to be kidding me
  3. It’s guac-tail hour!
  4. What did the waitress say to the customer who wanted free guacamole?
    “You can kiss my Hass.“
  5. I’m between a guac and a hard place
  6. In a while guaco-dile
  7. How did the roommate who stole the last avocado from the fruit bowl justify her thievery?
    “I know it’s wrong, but it feels so ripe!”
  8. You guac my world
  9. That’s got guac-ward
  10. What do you call an avocado after a priest blesses it?
    Holy guacamole.

Best Avocado Puns 2021

best avocado puns
  1. How do you say “four avocados” in Spanish?
    Um, avo-cuatro?
  2. Thanks for your hass-pitality
  3. What did the guy at the party say when he realized there was nothing left to dip his tortilla chip in?
    “I’ve hit guac bottom.”
  4. The time hass come
  5. Kiss my hass!
  6. What do you say to an avocado who’s done a good job?
  7. Hass, queen!
  8. Can I have some of your avocado?
    GUAC NO! I give zero guacs! You need to guac off!
  9. I’ve hit guac bottom
  10. Are avocados good for your heart?
    Yes, they make for great avo-cardio.

Awesome Avocado Puns

Awesome Avocado Puns
  1. Forget weights, it’s avo-cardio day
  2. I avocadon’t care
  3. Avo good one!
    1. Avo a great birthday!
  4. Avo great birthday with these avocado cakes.
  5. I am all about avo-cuddles.
  6. Things are allripe for now
    1. Bravocado!

Cool Avocado Puns

Cool Avocado Puns
  1. And they lived happily avo after
  2. It’s time to guac’ n roll.
  3. I’m avocontrol!
  4. You’re everything I avo wanted
  5. At the party, Mr Nacho raised the toast and said it’s time for some guac-tails!
  6. A move in the ripe direction
  7. It’s going to be a spec-taco-lar day!
  8. It’s definitely guac-tail time!
  9. Avocadon’t get me started
  10. You have a avo-can do spirit!

Funny Avocado Puns

  1. If you mix an avocado with an alligator, you will get a fierce avogator.
  2. The lovely avocado couple got married and they lived happily avo after.
  3. There was an avocado who had feet; he was nothing but an avaca-toe.
  4. Mr Avocado loved going on business trips; he enjoyed building up his pear to pear network.
  5. Scientists crossed a breed of cactus with some avocados; the end result was a guac-tus.
  6. The avocado took his car to the garage, but they said it was beyond re-pear.
  7. The avocado congratulated his son on winning the race and said, “Bravocado son.”
  8. The baker prepared some avocado flavored bread using avoca-dough.
  9. The sad avocado felt really pit-iful.
  10. Mr and Mrs Avocado are going to the gym, it’s an avo-cadio day.

Avocado Puns for Kids

  1. what does the one-upping hipster say?
    hold my avocado
  2. What do you call it when you punch someone with an avocado?
  3. Avocado makers need to up their game
    The only free gift I get is a wooden ball
  4. I would have driven my date to the Mexican cantina….
    But I didn’t avocado
  5. How do you make an avocado tactical?
    You turn it into GuacaMOLLE

Avocado Puns for Adults

  1. what do you call 6.02 X 10^23 atoms of avocado dipping sauce?
    one guacamole
  2. How do you measure the molar mass of guacamole?
    With Avocado’s Constant.
  3. People always laugh at my car because it looks like a fruit…
    But at least I avocado!
  4. What did the Avocado said before the rabbit disappeared?
  5. What is the Jolly Green Giant most afraid of?
    Avocado pickers

Avocado Puns for Instagram

  1. Keep calm and eat avocado toast.
  2. Don’t touch my avocado toast.
  3. If loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be ripe.
  4. The one snack I have a hard time sharing.
  5. It’s a good day when avocado toast is involved
  6. Current mood: Where’s the avocado toast?
  7. Avocado toast would always text you back.
  8. Relationship status: avocado.
  9. I work to support my avocado habit
  10. Eat your heart out. I know I will.

Avocado Puns Names

  1. AvoClub
  2. Good Life Avocados
  3. The Incredible Avocado
  4. Avocado Gold
  5. Avo Yum
  6. Avocado Thoughts
  7. Avocados Galore
  8. Avocado Nice
  9. Guaclub
  10. Appetizing Avocado
  11. The Hot Avocado
  12. The Mashed Avocado
  13. The Unique Avocado
  14. Avocado Extraordinary
  15. Avocado Cheer
  16. The Dainty Avocado
  17. Great Avocado
  18. Avo Authentic
  19. The Big Avocado
  20. The Dancing Avocado

Avocado Puns one liners

  1. You are everything I avo wanted
  2. Everything in moderation. Except avocado
  3. I work to support my avocado habit
  4. There’s no better duo than avocado and toast
  5. We go together like avocado and literally everything
  6. Get in my belly.
  7. I’m avo-control.
  8. You had me at avocado.
  9. Avocado addict.
  10. Powered by avocado

Avocado Puns and Jokes

  1. What’s an avocado’s favorite arcade game?
  2. What did the Avocado said before the rabbit disappeared?
  3. Saw a falcon eating avocado toast.
    Guess it’s a millennial falcon.
  4. Avocado makers need to up their game
    The only free gift I get is a wooden ball
  5. Why shouldn’t you put avocados in your eyes?
    You could get guacoma.

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