Chris Pratt’s Worst Movie is Now Available to Stream Free

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt was America’s most controversial and generic action hero before he became a tongue-in-cheek, beloved superhero. He was also the nation’s most beloved golden retriever boyfriend and goofy oaf, which he so well embodied that it seemed to have sown the seeds for the current backlash against Pratt.

Chris Pratt played the role of a supporting actor in many dumb and forgettable movies. He was most often a snide jerk. The 2009 romantic comedy Bride Wars is the worst. It’s a film so bad that it makes Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson look terrible, as well as Chris Pratt and the institution known for marriage. Bride Wars can be viewed free of charge on Amazon Prime Video’s FreeVee.

This is the best and easiest way to say it. Bride Wars keeps Chris Pratt, Steve Howey, and Anne Hathaway off to the side. This allows Anne Hathaway to forget their long-lasting friendship and to sabotage one another in an escalating manner.

The 2011 Kristen Wiig comedy Bridesmaids dealt with the subtext of the inutility of the groom better than the movie. Maya Rudolph’s fiancé (Tim Heidecker), was not given a single line by Chris Pratt, but he does occasionally appear to be controlling and annoying.

The film’s majority is filled with discolored spray tans and Paul Scheer, a maniacal dance instructor (in rare moments of comedy energy), and some good old-fashioned body shame as Anne Hathway tries to make Kate Hudson too big to wear her dress.

About 25 minutes into Bride Wars, the first woman-onslaught physical fight for wedding perfection takes place. Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson, and June Diane Raphael track down another soon-to-be-bride (Casey Wilson who co-wrote and directed the screenplay, but more about that later) and attempt to intimidate her into changing her wedding date. The brawl turns into an all-out fight, but it’s not the only one.

Near the end of Bride Wars Anne Hathaway confronts Kate Hudson during the actual ceremony. This leads to the two top-notch actors of the time wrestling each other on the ground in their wedding dresses. This was the marketing aspect of Bride Wars.

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