100+ Best Coffee Puns for Refreshment 2021.

Looking for some fresh coffee puns? you are in the right place.
This time we post the best coffee puns that we collect all around the Internet.
For your better laugh we divide these puns into Best Coffee Puns, Coffee Puns one linear, Coffee Puns for Instagram, positive Coffee Puns and Coffee Puns and Jokes.
Without wasting any sip of coffee just brew it.

Coffee Puns

Coffee Puns

  1. Where do birds go for a cup of joe?
    To the NESTcafe.
  2. I didn’t choose the mug life,
    the mug life chose me.
  3. What kind of coffee likes to race?
    Instant from an expresso machine.
  4. How are beans like kids?
    They’re always getting grounded.
  5. How does an IT guy drink coffee?
    He installs Java.
  6. You spilled your entire cup of coffee?
    What’s Sumatra with you?
  7. What do you call a couple of coffee bullies?
    Mean beans.
  8. What’s Fat, Slimy, and Drinks a lot of Coffee?
    Java the Hut.
  9. I was reading a book about the origin of cappuccino
    but it was all froth and no substance.
  10. Why does coffee taste like dirt?
    Because it is ground.
  11. She drank so much coffee at work,
    she considered it part of her daily grind.
  12. Does the coffee shop have grounds
    to be operating in the black?
  13. What do you call two coffee mugs sitting next together?
    A happy cup-ple.
  14. The hipster burned his tongue.
    He sipped his coffee before it was cool.
  15. I do some of my best thinking about coffee.
    I tend to have a latte on my mind.

Best Coffee Puns 2021

Best Coffee Puns
  1. What did the girl say when her coffee arrived at her table cold?
    Cool beans!
  2. What’s a barista’s favorite morning mantra?
    Rise and grind!
  3. What’s a coffee’s favorite spell?
    Espresso Patronum!
  4. How did Henry VIII like his coffee?
  5. How does Moses make coffee?
    He-brews it.
  6. What’s a coffee’s favorite karaoke song?
    Hit Me With your Best Shot!
  7. What’s the best Beatles’ song to play at a coffee shop?
    Latte Be!
  8. The Smashing Pumpkin Spice Lattes
  9. I made a pot of coffee,
    espresso-ly for you.
  10. Rage Against the Espresso Machine

Funny and Silly Coffee Puns

Funny Coffee Puns
  1. There are two kinds of people:
    Coffee people and Sad people.
  2. What kind of coffee was served on the Titanic?
  3. Why do the Lakers serve their coffee black?
    Kareem is gone.
  4. By whatever beans necessary,
    please have some sugar with it.
  5. I wish some guy would look at me,
    the way teenage girls look at Pumpkin Spice Lattes.
  6. What did the Italian instructor say when he messed up the alphabet?
  7. How do you deal with a partner that drinks your coffee?
    I don’t know, but in some states, it’s grounds for divorce.
  8. Don’t talk to her before she’s had her espresso or
    she’ll lose his tamper.
  9. What do you call two coffee mugs sitting next together?
    A happy cup-ple.
  10. What is a bean’s favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving?
  11. What did the coffees say before their night out?
    Let’s stir up some trouble!
  12. What’s a barista’s favorite exercise at the gym?
    The French press.
  13. What do baristas say to their least-favorite customers?
    You mocha me crazy!
  14. Why was the coffee-shop worker fired?
    He kept showing up in a Tea-shirt.
  15. What did the coffee say about its late assignment?
    Better latte than never!

Coffee Puns one-liners

Coffee Puns one liners
  1. Bean Mine
  2. I love you a latte.
  3. I’ve bean thinking of you a Latte.
  4. Coffee: Part of my daily grind.
  5. Livin’ la vida mocha.
  6. Livin’ La Vida Mocha…
  7. Black coffee. A purist. I give my stamp of approval.
  8. Been thinking about you a latte.
  9. The morning pot of coffee essentially breaks fluid.
  10. Excuse me sir, is your name Earl Grey? Because you look like a hot-tea!
  11. Why are men are like a cup of joe?
  12. What did the barista say to the waiter? I like you a latte.
  13. You’re Brewtiful!
  14. What did the coffee say to the other? Where you bean all my life.
  15. What do you call a couple of coffee bullies? Mean beans.

Coffee Puns for Instagram

  1. Are we java-ing fun yet?
  2. Proud to be an Americano
  3. This job has a lot of perk-olaters.
  4. It’s all Greek coffee to me.
  5. I have trouble Espresso-ing my feelings for you.
  6. I just need to Venti.
  7. On my way to work my car got a flat white.
  8. Don’t be such a drip.
  9. She forgot her bra, so she had a bottomless cup.
  10. Where have you bean all my life?
  11. Better latte than never.
  12. Hasta Barista, baby.
  13. There was not a chai eye in the house.
  14. The daily grind
  15. You’re steaming hot!
  16. I like my coffee Legally Blonde
  17. Mug-gles love coffee
  18. You’re mocha-ing me crazy.
  19. Deja Brew
  20. Try to blend in.

Coffee Puns and Jokes

  1. What do you call a couple of coffee bullies?
    Mean beans.
  2. How did the mug make the coffee pot blush?
    It said you’re steaming hot.
  3. Why did the espresso move away from the mocha?
    Because it had bean mean.
  4. What does a coffee bean’s Valentine’s Day card say?
    Sending you a whole latte love.
  5. What do you call two coffee mugs sitting next together?
    A happy cup-ple.

Coffee Puns To Kickstart your day

  1. What does a good cup of joe look like?
    Very brew-tiful.
  2. What did the new Starbucks employee say after her first month?
    Working at Starbucks has lots of perks.
  3. Why does the barista lovemaking java?
    Because she said it warms her heart.
  4. How did the hipster burn his tongue?
    He drank his coffee before it was cool.
  5. What’s the opposite of coffee?

Positive Coffee Puns

  1. What do you call a sad cup of coffee?
    A Depresso.
  2. How do you make beef jerky?
    Give it a cup of joe.
  3. What did the barista say to the chatty mugs?
    Alright, that’s beanough you two.
  4. Italians are so good at making coffee,
    because they naturally like to espresso themselves.
  5. Why was the java bean so worried?
    Because it said it had a latte problem at home.
  6. How does Moses make his java?
    Hebrews it.
  7. How do cups greet each other?
    With mugs and kisses.

Coffee Love Puns

  1. Everything I brew
    i brew it for you.
  2. You mocha me so happy.
  3. Maybe as much as a cup of coffee.
  4. It takes two to … percolate?
  5. Come on, spill the tea.
  6. Gives ‘toe beans’ a whole new meaning.
  7. Hot or cool, we just like beans.
  8. I’ve come to drink with you again.
  9. We can substitute you too, sugar.
  10. We can always count on you.
  11. For Whom the Bean Tolls
  12. David Coffeefield
  13. The Count of Macchiato
  14. The Lord of the Beans
  15. The Brothers Caramel Mocha

Coffee Puns Pick up Lines

  1. Can I get your number? Because I like you a latte.
  2. Can I buy you a coffee sometime?
  3. That’s a nice mug you got on ya.
  4. Barista:
    “Did you want sugar?”
  5. Are you from Starbucks? Because I like you a latte.
  6. Customer:
    “Can I give you my number?”

Flirty Coffee Puns

  1. Can you watch my laptop for a minute?
    I’ll buy the next round of caffeine.
  2. Afforgeto where I am when I’m with you.
  3. Barista:
    “Can I have a name for that order?”
  4. Ah,
    I love this one jasmine tea where,
    they hand-tie each leaf into a little butterfly.
    Guess you could say I’m into bondage.
  5. Can you pass the coffee and sugar because you just made me cream in my pants

Coffee Pun Names

  1. Al Cappucccino
  2. Shawn Blend-es
  3. Ariana Grande
  4. Aroma Mocha
  5. Baristas
  6. Grinders Cafe
  7. Steamy Beans Coffee
  8. Ground Up Cafe
  9. Tatians” Cafe
  10. Club Coffee
  11. Bostan Bastista
  12. Impresso Espressoo
  13. Busy Beans
  14. Family Bean
  15. Lady Java
  16. Brew Brees
  17. Michael muglas
  18. Brew Carey
  19. Bean Affleck
  20. Java the Hut

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