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donut puns

Donut Puns

  1. Glazed and confused
  2. You donut how much I love you
  3. Donut be Jelly
  4. Donut disturb
  5. Donut enter
  6. Donut ever let me go
  7. Donut fear the reaper
  8. Donut give up
  9. You donut how much you mean to me
  10. The hard work was all for do-naught
  11. You are such a weirddo(nut)
  12. I donut care
  13. I donut what I’d do without you
  14. Donut worry, be happy
  15. Donut you forget about me
  16. He went out in a glaze of glory
  17. Donut stop, get it, get it
  18. Donut you want me baby
  19. Donut mind if I do
  20. Donut stop believing
  21. Donut go breaking my heart
  22. Donut grow up
  23. Donut judge me
  24. Donut kill my vibe
  25. I glazed over that part

Best Donut Puns 2021

  1. Don’t be an a-hole
  2. Eat more hole foods
  3. Hole-y Moley!
  4. You are a-glaze-ing
  5. You drive me glazy
  6. I’m a-glazed by you
  7. Let’s go glazy
  8. Hole me closer, tiny donut
  9. I love you a hole lot
  10. Oh, Hole-y Night…

Awesome Donut Puns

  1. Drunkin Grownups
  2. You’re so sweet and hole-some
  3. I go nuts for donuts
  4. You’ve really got a hole on me
  5. I’m (do)nuts about you

Cool Donut Puns

  1. Why did the donut decide to become a priest?
    It always felt very hole-y!
  2. Why do donuts hate puns so much?
    They donut like to joke around!
  3. What do you call a cute donut?
  4. Where’s a donuts favorite vacation spot?
    The Sahara dessert!
  5. What’s a donut’s favorite day of the week?

Tasty Donut Puns

How did the strawberry donut feel after dinner?

Why did the donut start going to therapy?
It couldn’t get over the feeling that something was missing — it never felt hole!

What was the donut’s least favorite part of its day?
I’m not really sure, it glazed over that part!

What’s a donut’s favorite drink?
Hole-y water!

Why did the donut go to the dentist?
To get a filling!

Donut Puns for Kids

  1. What’s a donut’s favorite lullaby?
    “Sprinkle, Sprinkle Little Star.”
  2. Why do donuts make terrible teachers?
    They’re always glazing over the important stuff.
  3. What happened to the renegade donuts?
    They went down in a glaze of glory.
  4. How can you spot a fashionista donut?
    They’re into all the latest glazes
  5. What do you call it when you order the same donut every day?
    A do-rut!

Donut Puns for Adults

  1. What do you call a Boston creme donut that’s a straight-A student?
    The creme of the crop.
  2. What type of window do donuts prefer in their homes?
    Double glazed.
  3. Which nut has a hole in it?
    A donut.
  4. What do you get when you cross Frosty with a baker?
    Frosty the Dough-Man!
  5. What is a donut’s favorite day of the week?

Donut Puns for Instagram

  1. You’re right up there with unicorns and donuts.
  2. Hold me closer, tiny donuts.
  3. People who love to eat are always the best people.
  4. You donut want to miss this!
  5. I’d rather have a donut buddy rather than a workout buddy.
  6. The optimist sees the donut, the pessimist sees the hole.
  7. Life is short, eat more donuts.
  8. A donut is happiness with sprinkles on top.
  9. I got 99 donuts ’cause I already ate one.
  10. Everything is better with donuts.
  11. Donut stop, get it, get it.
  12. Will bike for donut.
  13. A person does not live by coffee alone… have a donut!
  14. Do or donut there is no try.
  15. Donut disturb.

Donut Puns Names

  1. Chocolate Frosted Doughnut
  2. Strawberry Frosted Doughnut
  3. Chocolate Cake Doughnut
  4. Cinnamon Twist Doughnut
  5. The Happy Baker
  6. Honey Bunny
  7. Underwest Fun
  8. Jelly Doughnut
  9. Cruller
  10. Apple-Crumb Doughnut
  11. Sour Cream Doughnut
  12. Old-fashioned Doughnut
  13. Blueberry Doughnut
  14. Fresh Donuts
  15. Good Things
  16. Fun Shop
  17. Glazed Doughnut
  18. Doughnut Holes
  19. Cream-Filled Doughnut
  20. Boston Kreme Pie Doughnut

Donut Puns one liners

  1. Donuts are happiness with sprinkles on top.
  2. You donut know how much I love you.
  3. Donut kill my vibe.
  4. Donut mind if I do.
  5. Eat more hole foods.
  6. It’s your birthday; let’s donuts!
  7. Donut worry. Be happy.
  8. Let’s go glazy.
  9. Donut underestimate the power of baked goods.
  10. Hole me closer, tiny donut.
  11. You drive me glazy.
  12. Glazed and confused.
  13. Let’s go to Dunkin. We need more hole foods!
  14. Donut be jelly
  15. Donut give up.

Donut Puns and Jokes

  1. Why did the man quit his job at the donut factory?
    He was fed up with the hole business!
  2. What do you call an underwater Dunken Donuts?
    Sunken Donuts
  3. Why did the baker stop making donuts
    He got tired of the HOLE business
  4. Why couldn’t the donut reach enlightenment?
    Because it was already holy.
  5. Have you heard of the robbery at the donut store?
    I heard that the robbers left with buns glazing

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