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Best Egg Puns 2021

  1. What’s an egg’s least favourite day?
  2. What sport are eggs best at?
  3. I interrupted my friend when he said he had the best egg puns saying…
    I’m really happy for you Omelette you finish, but I have the best egg puns around
  4. Why do the French have small breakfasts ?
    Because one egg is un oeuf.
  5. What’s the worst crime as far as an egg is concerned?
  6. Where can you go to learn more about eggs?
    The hen-cyclopedia!
  7. How do you know if a chef is mean?
    He beats all the eggs.
  8. What did the angry egg parent say to her child?
    You’re such a rotten egg!
  9. Why did the man steal his eggs?
    He liked ’em poached.
  10. What do you call a travelling egg?
    An Eggsplorer.
  11. What do you call a smart omelet?
    An egg head!
  12. Why should you be careful about what you say around egg whites?
    Everyone knows they can’t take a yolk.
  13. How do monsters like their eggs?
  14. How would you describe a baby egg on Christmas morning?
    Absolutely egg-static!
  15. How can you tell where the Easter Bunny’s been?
    Eggs marks the spot!
  16. How do you make an egg roll?
    Just give it a little push!
  17. How do chickens leave the motorway?
    They take the eggs-it.
  18. What did the egg say to the clown?
    You crack me up.
  19. What did the officer say to the egg after he pulled it over for speeding?
    Omelettin’ it slide this time.
  20. How does the Easter Bunny stay in shape during the offseason?
    He gets lots of eggs-ercise!
  21. Did you hear about the hen who laid her egg on an axe?
    She wanted to hatchet.
  22. I’ve decided to put all my eggs in one basket so
    I don’t look daft walking around the supermarket.
  23. How does the Easter Bunny feel after she’s made all her deliveries?

Egg Puns for Kids

1 . Great Eggspectations.
A classic novel by Charles Chickens.

  1. Where’s the best place to find out about eggs?
    In a hencyclopedia.
  2. Why did it take the chicken so long to cross the road?
    There was no eggs-press lane!
  3. How does a hen leave it’s house?
    Through the eggs-it.
  4. What was the motivation egg speaker’s slogan?
    Sunnyside up!

Funny and Delicious Egg Puns

  1. How did the omelet find out she was ill?
    She had a medical eggs-am!
  2. Why did the new egg feel so good?
    Because he just got laid!
  3. What did the egg say after it was ghosted?
    Why the hell are you egg-noring me?
  4. Why were the eggs running so fast?
    They were afraid of being beaten!
  5. Why did the egg regret being in an omelet?
    It wasn’t all it was cracked up to be!
  6. What did Snow White name her hen?
    Egg White!
  7. Why do so many people love a boiled egg for breakfast?
    It’s so hard to beat.
  8. Why did the Easter egg hide?
    He was a little chicken!
  9. What did the egg say after someone bumped into her?
    Egg-scuse me!
  10. What is an egg’s least favourite day of the week?

Egg Puns Names

  1. Breaking eggs
  2. Benedict
  3. Mad eggs
  4. Egg Machina
  5. Degmond
  6. Elizabegg
  7. Egna
  8. Egward
  9. Egbert
  10. The wizaerd of egg
  11. Eggerest
  12. Freg
  13. Freggy
  14. Fregerick
  15. Meg
  16. Meghan
  17. Peg
  18. Rebegga
  19. Reggie
  20. Shelley.

Egg Puns one linears

  1. What does a space chicken lay? Eggstra-Terrestrials.
  2. You can’t beat an egg based dessert. Am I right, or a meringue?
  3. Spent hours questioning an egg. Think it’s about to crack.
  4. Why did the chicken sit on an axe? She wanted to hatchet.
  5. What is a chicken racing driver’s favourite part of the car? The Eggs-celerator
  6. What do you call a chicken in a shell suit? An egg.
  7. Why does a French man normally only have a single egg for breakfast? Because one egg is an oeuf.
  8. I saw the world’s largest egg this week. That will take some beating.
  9. A chicken and an egg walk into a bar. The barman says, “Who’s first?”
  10. I bought a dalek egg timer. After three minutes, it shouts “Eggs Terminate”…
  11. I was going to go to a fancy dress party as an Easter Egg. Foiled again.

Egg Puns in French

  1. What’s an egg worth?
    One buk.
  2. Speaking of which
    here is a French egg pun.
  3. Do you know why the French only eat one egg for breakfast?
    Because one egg is un oeuf
  4. In USA you get about 4 eggs in your breakfast.
    In France one egg is un oeuf.
  5. Why do the French never have two eggs for breakfast?
    Because in France, one egg is un oeuf.

Egg Jokes

  1. How do eggs leave the highway?
    By going through the eggs-it.
  2. What do chickens call a school test?
  3. Why did the egg go to school?
    To get “egg-u-cated”!
  4. How do comedians like their eggs?
    Funny side up!
  5. How did the egg get up the mountain?
    It scrambled up!
  6. What did one egg say to another?
    Your yolks crack me up.

Egg Math Puns

  1. Why can’t you tease egg whites?
    Because they can’t take a yolk!
  2. Why do chickens lay eggs?
    Because if they dropped them they would break
  3. What did Snow White call her chicken?
    Egg white.
  4. What did the eggs do when the light turned green?
    They egg-celerated!
  5. How do monsters like their eggs?
  6. What do you call an egg taking a snooze on the job?

Obscure Egg Puns

  1. What do you call someone who eats too many eggs?
    An eggoholic.
  2. Ignore them.
    Their minds are scrambled, the yolk is on them and they are cracking up.
  3. How many French eggs do you need?
    ​One egg is un oeuf.
  4. If that isn’t the finest example of egg punning you can mix me up in a salad and serve with French dressing.
  5. Some people may complain “But it is only changing the ex words into egg words”.

Celebrity Egg Puns

  1. Eggy Pop
  2. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  3. Yolky Ono
  4. Humpty Dumpty
  5. Jack and Meg White
  6. Ellen DeGGeneres
  7. Kim Kardeggian
  8. Meg Ryan
  9. The Eggles
  10. Lady EgGa

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