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fire puns

Fire Puns

  1. Vulcan is up in the hall of flame for being the god of fire.
  2. A prehistoric pyrotechnic is called a dino-myte.
  3. I’m going to be burning up the dance floor at the disco inferno.
  4. This book warm loves Dante’s Inferno.
  5. When I go to university I’m going to get the highest degree.
  6. Last year’s Christmas dinner was a monst-roast-ity!
  7. This firefighter’s favourite cake is one with a caramel blaze.
  8. Out of the frying pan into the fryer.
  9. Fry as hard as you can.
  10. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.
  11. Get to the back of the barbe-queue.
  12. I’ll be up cooking all ig-night.
  13. That overcooked meal was a real burnanza.
  14. When the Sistine Chapel burnt down years ago they blamed Matchelangelo!
  15. I love the outdoors, I can’t say no to the call of the wildfire.
  16. My favourite book is Where The Wildfires Are, I could read it all day.
  17. Romeo and Juliet found each other through matchual attraction!
  18. Cinderella is my favourite fireytale.
  19. Slept like a log last night, woke up and my house was on fire!
  20. We are kindling spirits.

Best Fire Puns 2021

  1. Guy Fawkes wasn’t so bad, from my persparktive.
  2. He would have got away with the gunpowder plot if he had flare for it.
  3. Guy Fawkes had an older sister, he was not the first burn child.
  4. In the end the gunpowder plot was pretty unsuccessfuel.
  5. Guy Fawkes and his wife were a perfect match! They had a flareytale wedding!
  6. He had to get all fired up before carrying out the gunpowder plot.
  7. Trying to blow up the houses of parliament is how he got flamous.
  8. The gunpowder plot was a red-hot s-candle.
  9. Arson-al have found their way into the FA cup final.
  10. All’s flare in love and war.

Awesome Fire Puns

  1. When the firefighter saw the church razing down,
    he said “Holy smoke!”
  2. Following the blunder in their fire response last week,
    they got fired from the service.
  3. There was a heated argument all night, everyone putting forward their points about
    the dangers of house fires.
  4. The fire at the shoe factory was devastating.
    Close to a thousand soles were burned.
  5. In a press conference between ice and fire,
    the fire family had a lot of burning questions for the other side.

Hot Fire Puns

  1. With only a piece of wood in my hand,
    I tried working out the fire to light using a monologue.
  2. Organic mathematicians know how to throw natural logs into fireplaces.
  3. I have this temptation of setting my old trousers on fire but
    again I am one person who doesn’t like burning my britches.
  4. The reason she got fired from the hot dog shop is that
    she mistakenly put her hair in a bun
  5. When she met her match, their love was set on fire.

Funny Fire Puns

  1. When her 70s records were thrown into the fire,
    it became a disco inferno.
  2. I bought a friend of mine a fire extinguisher as a present and
    he was so delighted.
  3. The man was fired from the calendar factory because of this one thing,
    he took a day off.
  4. The difference between a private employee and a soldier is that the
    latter is afraid of firing.
  5. You can’t employ a cook as your accountant
    because they will cook the books and finally you will fire them.

Fire Puns for Kids

  1. I’m good at firework displays.
    I’ve got a flare for it.
  2. How many Mafia hitmen does it take to light the bonfire?
    One to set fire to the effigy, one to watch his back, and one to shoot any witnesses.
  3. How many Apple employees does it take to flame Guy Fawkes?
    One to light the match and four to design the t-shirt.
  4. What do you get if you cross a stegosaurus with a firework?
  5. What was Guy Fawkes’ favourite meal?
    Bangers and mash.

Fire Puns for Adults

  1. The English king credited with the invention of the fireplace is known as Alfred the Grate.
  2. No one could hug him because he had sideburns.
  3. The thought of me walking on hot burning coals makes me develop cold feet.
  4. Before you bring over the fire extinguisher,
    pick up the fire distinguisher to confirm that indeed it is a fire.
  5. Yesternight, I slept like a log.
    Guess where I woke up, of course in the fireplace.

Fire Puns for Instagram

  1. Love and fire are the same
  2. Let’s wander where the WiFi is weak.
  3. Let there be pumpkin spice and s’mores.
  4. Life is s’more fun when you’re with your friends.
  5. Is it getting hot in here?
  6. I run into fires, not from them.
  7. A hunk of burning love
  8. Think outside. No box required.
  9. Hot to the touch
  10. Don’t let an old flame burn you twice

Fire Puns Names

  1. Test Fire Tactics
  2. The Swamper Network
  3. The Nine-One-One Network
  4. Flashpoint Force
  5. Igniting in Air
  6. The Intentional Prevention Group
  7. Just Doin’ Our Job
  8. Fire in Our Hearts
  9. Preliminary Fire Line Forces
  10. Emergency Measure Experts
  11. Not Playing With Fire
  12. Alarm Assignment Group
  13. Backpack Pump Brigade
  14. Cold Trailing Collective
  15. In the Drop Zone
  16. The Initial Attacks Crew
  17. The Exothermic Reactions Group
  18. Fighting Fire With Fire
  19. Operation Burn Out
  20. Firefighters Called
  21. In a Defensible Space
  22. The Cache and Crew
  23. Dousing the Flames
  24. Ventilation Strategy
  25. The Two-Way Radio Brigade

Fire Puns one liners

  1. Bought a friend a fire extinguisher. He was de-lighted.
  2. Who invented fire? Some bright spark.
  3. Someone threw my 70s records on the fire. It was a disco inferno.
  4. Which English king invented the fireplace? Alfred The Grate.
  5. What do you call a woman who puts her credit card statements straight in the fire? Bernadette.
  6. Searched online for something to light a fire. It said “no matches found”.
  7. A friend who likes fires found his partner on Match.com
  8. Watched a documentary about people walking on fiery hot coals. It was sole destroying.
  9. Slept like a log last night. Woke up in the fireplace
  10. I was going to try walking on hot burning coals but I got cold feet.

Fire Puns and Jokes

  1. What is black and sits at the top of the stairs?
    Steven Hawking after a house fire.
  2. On the inside of a fire hydrant you’ll find H2O.
    What’s on the outside? K9P
  3. When Chuck Norris wants to burn calories,
    he throws fat children into the fire.
  4. What do you call Stephen HAawking on fire
    Hot wheels
  5. Did you hear about the fire in the shoe factory?
    Many soles were lost.

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