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Halloween Puns

Halloween Puns

  1. Why do ghosts go on diets?
    So they can keep their ghoulish figures
  2. Where does a ghost go on vacation?
  3. Why did the ghost go into the bar?
    For the Boos.
  4. Why did the vampire read the newspaper?
    He heard it had great circulation.
  5. How do vampires get around on Halloween?
    On blood vessels.
  6. What’s it like to be kissed by a vampire?
    It’s a pain in the neck.
  7. What’s it called when a vampire has trouble with his house?
    A grave problem.
  8. How can you tell when a vampire has been in a bakery?
    All the jelly has been sucked out of the jelly doughnuts.
  9. What do you get when you cross a vampire and a snowman?
  10. What is in a ghost’s nose?
  11. Why did the policeman ticket the ghost on Halloween?
    It didn’t have a hunting license.
  12. Why do demons and ghouls hang out together?
    Because demons are a ghoul’s best friend!
  13. What does a panda ghost eat?
  14. What’s a ghost’s favourite dessert?
  15. What do you call a witch’s garage?
    A broom closet.
  16. “Love at first bite.”
  17. “Fangs for the memories.”
  18. “I’m a pain in the neck.”
  19. “So long, sucker.”
  20. “It’s in my blood.”
  21. No matter how much Halloween candy you eat, it always seems to go to waist.
  22. Here’s to a Halloween full of Snickers and (Almond) Joy.
  23. Stop goblin up all my candy!
  24. Halloween candy is yummy and all, but don’t forget to save room for “I scream”!
  25. Your costume is so realistic, it’s un-candy

Best Halloween Puns 2021

Best Halloween Puns
  1. Trick or treat yo’ self to some candy.
  2. No matter what costumes they wear, when the Halloween candy comes out, everyone is a goblin!
  3. Witch better have my candy.
  4. It may be (candy) corny, but I love Halloween!
  5. Bone Appetit!
  6. I’m going to need to exorcise a lot after all this Halloween candy.
  7. Enjoy goblin up all your Halloween candy — just don’t let it go to waist!
  8. Twix or treat!
  9. Wow, this Halloween candy is spooktacular.
  10. Halloween puns are so (candy) corny!
  11. Oh my goodness, it’s finally Halloween!
  12. Give ’em pumpkin to talk about.
  13. I’m way ahead of the carve.
  14. Go big or gourd home!
  15. Carving out some time for Halloween fun.

Hilarious Halloween Puns

Hilarious Halloween Puns
  1. This Halloween pumpkin really stuck a gourd with me.
  2. Pumpkin’ out Halloween puns like it’s nobody’s business.
  3. Aren’t these pumpkins gourd-geous?
  4. It’s easy to repair a broken jack o’lantern: Just use a pumpkin patch!
  5. Let’s pumpkin spice things up this Halloween.
  6. Don’t forget to carve out some time for pumpkin decorating!
  7. My friend wanted me to take care of his extremely fragile pumpkin. I told him I’d gourd it with my life!
  8. Squash goals.
  9. You are the pick of the patch!
  10. Everyone just wants to have a gourd time on Halloween!
  11. “Trick or treat yo’ self.”
  12. “Give ’em pumpkin to talk about.”
  13. “Creep it real.”
  14. “Hello, gourd-geous.”
  15. “Eat, drink, and be scary.”
  16. “Life is gourd.”
  17. “Lift your spirits!”
  18. “Mummy of the year.”
  19. “Happy Howl-oween.”
  20. “Too cute to spook.”

Funny Halloween Puns

Funny Halloween Puns
  1. Howl you doin’?
  2. Oh my gourd!
  3. Trick or tequila.
  4. Come as you aren’t.
  5. A scare is born.
  6. Hallow-queen.
  7. Frankly, I don’t think I’m that scary.
  8. Don’t be a jerk-o-lantern.
  9. What’s up my witches?
  10. You say witch like it’s a bad thing.
  11. Bow down, witches.
  12. Witch better have my candy.
  13. Keep calm and carry a wand.
  14. You’ve got me under your spell.
  15. The ghostess with the mostest.
  16. Ghouls just want to have fun
  17. I’m here for the boos.
  18. Shake your boo-ty!
  19. If you’ve got it, haunt it.
  20. Haunting my exes.
  21. Lazy bones.
  22. Bone to be wild.
  23. Laughing ’til I’m coffin.
  24. Some people have no guts.
  25. Bugs and hisses.
  26. Do you play the trom-bone?
  27. Dying to have fun.
  28. Bone appetit!

Halloween Puns One liners

  1. “You can’t skele-run from my skele-puns.”
  2. “I would make a skeleton joke, but you wouldn’t find it very humerus.”
  3. “Let’s have some skele-fun.”
  4. “Nobody won the skeleton race.”
  5. “Hey boo-tiful.”
  6. “Where my ghouls at?”
  7. “Boo Felicia.”
  8. “Just hanging out with my ghoul friends.”
  9. “More boos, please.”
  10. “Demons are a ghoul’s best friend.”
  11. “Hey boo, let’s get sheet-faced.”
  12. “Romeo and Ghouliet.”
  13. “Boo-yah!”
  14. “Fa-boo-lous!”
  15. “Have an eek-tastic Halloween!”
  16. “I go to the bars for boos.”
  17. “You make me batty.”
  18. “I have an account at the blood bank.”
  19. “Have a fang-tastic Halloween.”
  20. “You’re just my (blood) type.”

Halloween Puns for kids

  1. What do birds say on Halloween?
    Trick or Tweet!
  2. Why didn’t the skeleton go to the dance?
    Because he had no “body” to dance with.
  3. What candy do you eat on the playground?
    Recess pieces.
  4. What is a vampire’s favourite fruit?
    A blood orange.
  5. When is it bad luck to be followed by a black cat?
    If you are a mouse.
  6. What do you call two witches living together?
  7. What happens when a vampire goes in the snow?
    Frost bite!
  8. What’s big, scary and has three wheels?
    A monster riding a tricycle!
  9. Why don’t vampires have more friends?
    Because they are a pain in the neck.
  10. What did the little boy say when she had to choose between a tricycle and candy?
    Trike or Treat!
  11. What instrument does a skeleton play?
    The trombone.
  12. What position does a ghost play in hockey?
  13. What do you call a witch who goes to the beach?
    A sand-witch.
  14. What do you give a vampire when he’s sick?
  15. What kinds of pants do ghosts wear?
  16. Why did the zombie skip school?
    He felt rotten.
  17. Where do baby ghosts go during the day?
    Dayscare centers!
  18. What fruit do scarecrows love the most?
  19. Why didn’t the skeleton go to school?
    His heart wasn’t in it.
  20. What monster plays tricks on Halloween?
  21. What kind of music do mummies love?
    Wrap music.
  22. How do ghosts wash their hair?
    With shamboo.
  23. What’s a witch’s favourite subject in school?
  24. What is a monster’s favourite dessert
    I scream!
  25. What does a witch use to do her hair?
  26. What happens when a ghost gets lost in the fog?
    He is mist.
  27. What room does a ghost not need?
    A living room.
  28. How do you fix a cracked pumpkin?
    A pumpkin patch.
  29. What kind of dog does Dracula have?
    A blood hound.
  30. What is a ghost’s nose full of?

Halloween Puns for Instagram

  1. I’m here for the boos.
  2. Creepin’ it real!
  3. Hot ghoul Halloween.
  4. Fangs for the memories.
  5. Bugs and hisses, witches!
  6. Only bad witches can drive stick.
  7. Eat, drink, and be scary!
  8. Not going to eat candy? That’s witchful thinking.
  9. Howl about them apples?
  10. I’m the ghostest with the mostest.
  11. Swish swish, witch.
  12. You look better with the mask on.
  13. Brrr… it’s cold in here. There must be some spirits in the atmosphere!
  14. If you’ve got it, haunt it.
  15. Every day is Halloween, isn’t it? For some of us.
  16. Psst…This isn’t a costume.
  17. He’s a handsome little devil.
  18. Let’s get spooky.
  19. Happy Halloween to all!
  20. Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story.
  21. No tricks, just treats!
  22. This is where the magic happens.
  23. Double, double toil and trouble!
  24. Had a spooktacular night!
  25. Get in, loser. We’re going haunting.
  26. Can I witch a ride? My broomstick broke.
  27. Life is gourd.
  28. Keep calm and carry a wand.
  29. Hocus Pocus and chill?
  30. If the broom fits, fly it.
  31. Shake your BOOty.
  32. You make me batty.
  33. You better work, witch.
  34. With the boo crew.
  35. Keep calm and carry a wand.
  36. Ghouls just wanna have fun.
  37. I can’t be held responsible for stolen candy.
  38. I’m a haunt mess.
  39. “Magic is really very simple, all you’ve got to do is want something and then let yourself have it.”
  40. “I am the pumpkin king!”

Dirty Halloween Puns for Adults

  1. For Halloween, you should go as the love of my life.
  2. Even on Halloween, I promise I won’t ghost you.
  3. If you were mine, I’d give you all treats and no tricks.
  4. I don’t want your candy, I just want your number.
  5. Want to get tangled in my spider web tonight?
  6. Baby, you’re sweeter than candy corn.
  7. You must be the devil because it just got hot in here.
  8. I’m not a bat but a night with me will turn your world upside down.
  9. Are you a jack-o-lantern? Because you’re lighting up the room.
  10. You look good in your costume, but you’d look better out of it.
  11. Forget your broom, ride me instead?
  12. It’s scary how good you look.
  13. Are you a monster? Because you look Frankenfine.
  14. Looks like the neighbours are giving out snacks tonight.
  15. Are you dressed as “the most attractive person here?”
  16. You must be made of candy because you look sweet.
  17. Are you dressed as an angel or is that just the real you?
  18. Want to find out what I turn into at midnight?
  19. If I were a zombie, I’d eat you first.
  20. I bet I can make you scream tonight.
  21. I’m not going as a ghost this year, but you can still get under my sheets.
  22. Want to check my pants for a treat?
  23. I’m a vampire…permission to bite your neck?
  24. I’ll get your heart racing faster than a haunted house.
  25. Let’s take this party back to my coffin.
  26. I could make the hairs on your neck stand up.
  27. I’ve got some wicked feelings brewing for you.
  28. I promise to hold you if you get scared.
  29. I found a great couple’s costume — want to go as the other half?
  30. Isn’t it spooky how your number isn’t in my phone?

Halloween Puns Name

  1. Jenncula
  2. Jennkenstein
  3. Batalie
  4. Batasha
  5. Coraline (Caroline)
  6. DismEmmber (Emma)
  7. Frankenstein (Francesca)
  8. JenniFear (Jennifer)
  9. Hannoween (Hannah)
  10. GhoulLauren
  11. Ghouleanne
  12. Lucyfer
  13. NightMarion
  14. Nik-or-Treat (Nicola)
  15. Scare-ah
  16. SamuSKULL
  17. Trish or Treat
  18. ZomBen
  19. ZomBeth
  20. ZombIan
  21. Alarming
  22. Bad Dream
  23. Beastly
  24. Creepy
  25. Cackling
  26. Dracula
  27. Dastardly
  28. Fearsome
  29. Fiendish
  30. Witching
  31. Yowling
  32. Fright
  33. Zombie
  34. Frankenstein
  35. Dreadful
  36. Dreary
  37. Dark Lord
  38. Brutish
  39. Boo
  40. Blood
  41. Bat
  42. Axe Murdering
  43. Wicked
  44. Volatile
  45. Unnerving
  46. Spewing
  47. Recher
  48. Petrifying
  49. Oozy
  50. Ogre

Monster Puns

  1. Ghouls just want to have fun!
  2. Want to hear some skeleton puns? They’re very humerus!
  3. It’s gonna be a great Halloween — I can feel it in my bones!
  4. Witch-ing you a Happy Halloween!
  5. If you’ve got it, haunt it.
  6. I didn’t want to play it safe with a skeleton costume, I want people to know I have guts.
  7. Halloween’s not the same if I can’t be witch you.
  8. I have a few vampire puns, but they suck.
  9. You’re just my (blood) type.
  10. Ghosts make the best cheerleaders. They have lots of spirit!
  11. Have a fang-tastic Halloween!
  12. I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% that witch.
  13. Let’s have some skele-fun!
  14. Beware of Resting Witch Face.
  15. Fangs for the memories.

Vampire Puns

  1. You’re boo-tiful!
  2. If you’ve got it, haunt it.
  3. Where do ghosts go shopping? A boo-tique!
  4. Time to lift your spirits!
  5. Looking fa-boo-lous.
  6. Boo-yah!
  7. Get in the Halloween spirits!
  8. Ghouls just want to have fun.
  9. Who ghost there?
  10. Demons are a ghoul’s best friend.
  11. Too cute to spook.
  12. Shake your boo-ty!
  13. Feeling like Romeo and Ghouliet.
  14. Vegan zombies love graaains!
  15. Squad ghouls.

Skeleton Puns

  1. Why was the skeleton sad? He had no body to trick-or-treat with.
  2. Bone to be wild.
  3. Halloween is going to be great—I can feel it in my bones!
  4. I have one thing to say about this candy: Bone appétit!
  5. Just try to skele-run from my skele-puns.
  6. I’d tell you a joke, but you might not find it very humerus.

Candy Puns

  1. Twix or treat!
  2. Hope your Halloween is full of Snickers and Joy!
  3. Don’t go goblin up all my candy.
  4. I can’t Reese-ist a good Halloween pun.
  5. All my Hershey’s Kisses are for you.

Pumpkin Puns

  1. Pumpkin spice and everything nice.
  2. I only have pumpkin pies for you.
  3. You’re the pumpkin of my eye.
  4. Keep calm and pumpkin on.
  5. Having a gourd of a time!

Witch Puns

  1. Be-witcha in a second!
  2. Can’t always get what you wand
  3. Witch and famous.
  4. Feeling witchy.
  5. It’s a brew-tiful day for eating tons of candy.

Halloween Jokes

  1. How do vampires get around on Halloween?
    On blood vessels.
  2. The skeleton couldn’t help,
    being afraid of the storm—he just didn’t have any guts.
  3. What do ghosts wear when their eyesight gets blurred?
  4. What can you catch from a vampire in winter?
  5. Why didn’t the skeleton go to prom?
    He had no body to go with.

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