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planet jokes

Planet Jokes

  1. Why does the Sun go to school?
    To get brighter!
  2. How does NASA organize a party?
    They plan-et.
  3. I am throwing a party in space can you help me for plan-et
  4. Why do planets circle the sun?
    Cuz they like the game of ring- around the- rosy.
  5. An astronaut who fails on a weightlessness experiment,
    must be aware of the gravity of the situation.
  6. What did Earth say to the other planets?
    “You guys have no life!”
  7. What is an alien’s favourite chocolate?
    A mars bar
  8. What do you get when you combine A planet and an apple?
    Ma Rio
  9. Oh baby there’s about to be 7 planets because,
    I’m gonna destroy Uranus
  10. Why can’t you tell anyone about space?
    Because it too out of this world!

Best Planet Jokes

best planet jokes
  1. your mamas so fat, scientists found a new planet called
  2. What planets do Astronauts like to pee on?
  3. Why is Uranus so big?
    Because you discovered it
  4. What day does Venus like?
  5. What do planets use to download music?
  6. What do you call a planet that poops?
  7. Why Didn’t Neptune Marry Saturn?
    Because He knew He wasn’t Hot!
  8. You are so fat that you have to live on pluto
    so you don’t destroy none of the planets
  9. How do you measure the circumference of Uranus?
    By the rings around it
  10. How do you ride a horse in space?
    Use a saddle-lite

Funny and Awesome Planet Jokes

awesome planet jokes
  1. keep the planet clean it’s not Uranus
  2. An astronaut broke the law of gravity and
    got a suspended sentence
  3. What is the richest planet?
    Saturn – It has many rings.
  4. What do planets like to read?
    Comet books!
  5. What did the neutrino say to the planet?
    “Just passing through.”
  6. what song does Saturn sing?
    ‘if you like it then you should have put a ring on it ’
  7. Bob: Hey bud remember we’re going to space! Carol: really?
    I forgot to plan-et.
  8. Why is a moon rock tastier than an earth rock?
    Because it’s a little meteor.
  9. For one of the most highly regarded minds on the planet
    It is a shame he could not create a longer-lasting battery.
  10. My favourite planet is Saturn because,
    It is right next to Uranus

Planet Jokes for Kids

planet jokes for kids
  1. How much is the moon worth?
    One dollar, because it has four quarters.
  2. Who was the first deer in space?
    Buck Rogers.
  3. Who in the solar system has the loosest change?
    The moon, it keeps changing quarters.
  4. If athletes get athletes foot then what do astronauts get?
  5. What should you do when you see a green alien?
    Wait until it’s ripe!

Planet Jokes one linear

  1. How does the man-in-the-Moon cut his hair? Eclipse it
  2. Einstein developed a theory about space, and it was about time too.
  3. How does the Solar System hold up its pants? With an asteroid belt
  4. What do you can an alien with three eyes? An aliiien
  5. What kind of music do planets like? Neptunes!
  6. Is that the Dogstar? You can be Sirius!
  7. The satellite went into orbit on January 1st, causing a New Year’s revolution
  8. What does a space turkey say? “Hubble, Hubble”
  9. What is a light-year? The same as a regular year, but with fewer calories
  10. Why didn’t the Sun go to college? Because he already had a million degrees!
  11. The Rotation of earth, really makes my day!
  12. A rise in mercury sometimes mars life on earth, how else would nature planet?
  13. Sitting in the sun can make you well-red
  14. Scientists allow us to see the sun in a different light
  15. Why is the Moon up so late these days? Don’t worry, he’s just going through a phase.

Planet jokes and puns

  1. Elon Musk is now the richest person on the planet
    Space X has really taken off this past year
  2. What planet is next to Uranus?
  3. I suggested a new name for the planet Saturn to an astrophysicist and he seemed to like it
    He said it had a nice ring to it.
  4. Did you know milk is the fastest liquid on the planet?
    Its pasteurized before you see it.
  5. Can’t wait for the first married woman to walk on the red planet.
    Just so I can ask if there’s a wife on Mars.

Dirty Planet Jokes for Adults

  1. How does a man on a moon get his haircut?
    Eclipse it.
  2. What is gods favourite planet?
    Saturn because he put a ring on it.
  3. Why wasn’t the moon hungry?
    Because it was full!
  4. Did you hear about the great new restaurant on the moon?
    The food is excellent, but there’s no atmosphere.
  5. What kind of song do planets sing?
    A Nep-tune.
  6. Two dating astronauts met up for a launch date.

Planet Jokes Venus

  1. Did you hear about the new manned mission that just arrived on venus?
    They’re under a lot of pressure.
  2. Why is Venus named after the Roman goddess of beauty?
    Because it’s the hottest planet in our solar system
  3. I saw Venus AND Jupiter this morning!
    So glad the strip club is open early.
  4. Earth, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter were going to set up a party
    But they failed because nobody knew how to planet
  5. If Earth is the third planet from Sun after Mercury and Venus
    Doesn’t that make every country a third world country?

Planet Jokes Uranus

  1. You’re so fat astronomers discovered a planet larger than the earth,
    But smaller than Uranus
  2. Hubble just spotted something huge,
    coming out of Uranus.
  3. Better call NASA and tell them there is only going to be 7 planets,
    After I destroy URANUS.
  4. If Uranus is so gross,
    Why do they take HD photos of it?
  5. I can see Uranus from here and it’s mighty gassy!

Planet Jokes and Riddles

  1. At night they come without being fetched. And by day they are lost without being stolen…
  2. I’m sometimes full, but I never overflow. What Am I?
    The Moon!
  3. Why did the people not like the restaurant on the moon?
    Because there was no atmosphere.
  4. The beginning of eternity. The end of time and space. The beginning of every end. And the end of every place.
    The letter E!
  5. Where would an astronaut park his space ship?
    A parking meteor!

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