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Best Potato Puns 2021

  1. What’s a potatoes favorite horror movie?
    The Silence of the Yams.
  2. I yam always very happy to eat sweet potatoes.
  3. What do you call a potato wearing glasses?
    A spec-tater!
  4. Roses are red, potatoes are brown;
    you are my favorite spud in the whole town!
  5. What do you call a potato at a football game?
    A spec-tater.
  6. When potato chips don’t sell fast enough, the maker knows it will soon be crunch time.
  7. I met a girl that owned three french-fry factories.
    I was impressed but to her it was just small potatoes.
  8. What do you call a potato that smokes weed?
    A baked potato.
  9. All potato puns are pomme de terrible.
  10. What do you call a spinning potato?
    A rotate-o.
  11. What do you say to an angry 300-pound baked potato?
    Anything, just butter him up.
  12. What do you call a baby potato?
    Small fry.
  13. Potato puns are a-peeling.
  14. What do you call a potato that’s reluctant to jump into boiling water?
    A hesi-tater.
  15. Why do potatoes make good detectives?
    because they keep their eyes peeled.
  16. “How was your day?”
    “It was tater-ible”
  17. Why wouldn’t the reporter leave the mashed potatoes alone?
    He desperately wanted a scoop.
  18. Say this aloud: Eye Yam Stew Peed
  19. What do you call a potato that has turned to the dark side?
    Vader tots!
  20. What do you call an everyday potato?
    A commentater!
  21. I like you a latke!
  22. We’re a perfect mash.
  23. I love you a tot!
  24. Happy Birthday to my best spud….get it?? Spud…bud??
  25. Boil ’em, mash ’em, stick ’em in a stew.
    Happy Birthday from me to you!

Awesome Potato Puns

  1. Why wouldn’t the reporter leave the mashed potatoes alone?
    He desperately wanted a scoop.
  2. What instrument does a spud play?
    A “tuber.”
  3. Why did the French fry win the race?
    Because it was fast food.
  4. Why does everyone love cooking with potatoes?
    They’re very a-peeling.
  5. Why didn’t the potato want his daughter to marry the news reporter?
    Because he was a commen-tater.
  6. “How was your day?” The steak asked the gloomy potato.
    The potato replied, “It was tater-ible.”
  7. What do potatoes eat for breakfast?
    Pota-toast with jelly.
  8. How did the burger propose to the fry?
    With an onion ring?
  9. What is a potato’s life philosophy?
    I think, therefore I yam.
  10. Why can’t a farmer keep secrets on her farm?
    Because the corn has ears, the potatoes have eyes and the beans stalk.

Cool Potato Puns

  1. What is the difference between hot potato and a flying pig?
    One’s a heated yam, and one’s a yeeted ham.
  2. How did the Irish potato become bilingual?
    He became a French Fry.
  3. What do you call a passenger train made out of sweet potatoes?
    A Yamtrack.
  4. What do you call a potato that gets things done?
    A facilitate.
  5. Mr. Potato Head’s wife is upset.
    She claims he won’t tater anywhere.
  6. Why didn’t the mother potato want her daughter to marry the famous newscaster?
    Because he was a common-tater.
  7. What do you call a french dog that loves potatoes?
    A pomme de terrier.
  8. What kind of potato would Kim Jong Un be?
    A dic-tater.
  9. Why did the sea monster eat twelve ships that were carrying potatoes?
    Because nobody can eat just one potato ship!
  10. Russia decided to launch a satellite full of potatoes into orbit to see what would happen.
    It’s called the SPUDnic.

Funny Potato Puns

  1. Why was the potato wearing socks?
    To keep is pota-toes warm.
  2. Why do potatoes make such good detectives?
    Because they don’t have eyes.
  3. Why did the baseball loving potato want to be when he grew up?
    A sports commen-tater.
  4. Why was the potato so quiet?
    It was a medi-tator.
  5. What do you call a potato who is slow to act?
    A Hez a tater.

Sweet Potato Puns

  1. Why do people like sweet potatoes?
    Because they’re yammy.
  2. Did you hear about the sweet potato truck that crashed on the interstate?
    It caused a huge traffic yam.
  3. What’s the difference between a microwaved sweet potato, and a thrown pig?
    One’s a heated yam, and the other’s a yeeted ham.
  4. Why do jewish people love breaking their fast with sweet potatoes?
    So that they can properly celebrate Yam kippur.
  5. When do sweet potatoes like to go to the comedy club?
    Yamateur hour.

Potato Puns for Kids

  1. What do you call an android potato?
    A ro-tot.
  2. What did they say to the well-dressed potato?
    You look smashing.
  3. What was the potatoes favorite police show?
  4. Why couldn’t the tater buy new clothes?
    He was a po tater
  5. What made the mashed potatoes turn red?
    It saw the salad dressing.

Potato Puns for Adults

  1. If there aren’t mashed potatoes at your Friendsgiving, sorry,
    I can’t make it.
  2. I love my potatoes served mashed and covered in all the gravy
  3. I’m a Thanksgiving commen-tator meaning
    I’ll talk about mashed potatoes all day, every day.
  4. Be a spec-tator while you watch me whip up my glorious mashed potatoes
  5. Let’s rotate-o the dishes and bring those mashed potatoes back over here.

Potato Puns for Instagram

  1. My favorite dance is the mash potato.
  2. I don’t care if I’m an adult. I will always pour gravy for days on my mashed potatoes.
  3. You are the gravy to my mashed potatoes.
  4. Having a spudtacular Thanksgiving now that the mashed potatoes are here.
  5. Love the mashed potatoes you’re with.
  6. I yam very happy to eat mashed potatoes that are either sweet or not.
  7. No filter necessary for my mashed potatoes.
  8. Thanksgiving would not be complete without mashed potatoes.
  9. Spuddenly it’s all making sense.
  10. Mashed potato, I only have eyes for you.

Potato Puns Names

  1. Tony Starch
  2. Darth Tater.
  3. Taters of the Lost Ark
  4. Mashter Yoda.
  5. C-3PotatO
  6. Optimash Prime
  7. Yam Solo.
  8. Artoo-Potatoo.
  9. Luke Frywalker.
  10. Spud Lightyear.

Potato Puns one liners

  1. You never see King Edwards or Jersey Royals presenting sport on TV. Only Common Taters.
  2. A friend had a terrible first day working for a potato merchant. They gave him the sack.
  3. Why did the pie cross the road? Because it was meat & potato.
  4. Took my jacket potato to the dentist. It needed a filling.
  5. What do you call a potato wearing glasses? A spectater.
  6. Friend of mine has a vegetable patch. It takes away his craving for carrots and potatoes.
  7. Silicon chips. Less tasty than potatoes.
  8. Heard that burglars used a potato to smash a window and gain entry to a local house, but the evidence may have been planted.
  9. Why do scarecrows find it hard to share secrets? Because the potatoes have eyes and the corn has ears.
  10. A friend was in a band called the Powdered Potatoes. They had a smash hit.

Potato Puns and Jokes

  1. What’s 500 feet long and only eats potatoes?
    People in the Soviet Union waiting for food.
  2. Why didn’t the potato chips believe anything the sandwich said?
    Because the sandwich was full of baloney
  3. How do you get your dog to like mashed potatoes?
    You gravy train
  4. How many potatoes does it take to kill an Irishman?
  5. A red tractor turned into a field of potatoes
    It was clearly a magic tractor

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