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Best Science Puns 2021

  1. Are you a carbon sample?
    Because I’d love to date you
  2. Why isn’t energy made of atoms?
    It doesn’t matter.
  3. Why is the spinal column so audacious?
    Because he’s got nerve!
  4. What does one tectonic plate say when it bumps into another?
    “Sorry. My fault!”
  5. Why do enzymes make the best deejays?
    Because they always break it down.
  6. What do you call the smartest monster of them all?
  7. What did the biologist wear on his first date?
    Designer genes
  8. What do you call a snake that 3.24 feet long?
  9. Where does a hippopotamus go to university?
  10. What did the girl say when her lab partner hit her with a human bone?
    That’s humerus.
  11. What kind of dog does a scientist have?

A lab

  1. Where does bad light end up?
    In prism.
  2. What’s the fastest way to figure out the sex of a chromosome?
    Just pull down its genes
  3. What do you call two dinosaurs that have been in an accident?
    Tyrannosaurus wrecks
  4. The circle wished to be a square
    His dream is a π in the sky
  5. What do you call an educated tube?
    A graduated cylinder
  6. What did the hungry plant say to the other?
    I can use a light snack
  7. What do you call a microbiologist that has traveled a lot of countries?
    A man of many cultures
  8. What do you call someone who steal energy?
    A Joule thief!
  9. Why did the germ cross the microscope?
    To get to the other slide
  10. Why did the man wish he was DNA helicase?
    So he could unzip your genes
  11. How does the nucleus text the ribosome?
    With a cell-phone
  12. What is a physicist’s favorite part of a baseball game?
    The wave
  13. What do you call the group of people before millennials that love water?
    Hydrogeneration X
  14. What’s wrong when a physicist and biology enter into a relationship?
    There’s no chemistry.

Awesome Science Puns

  1. What did one decimal say to the number?
    Did you get my point?
  2. If a prince farts, is it a noble gas?
  3. Einstein developed a theory about space — it was about time!
  4. Two blood cells met and fell in love.
    Alas it was all in vein.
  5. A hug without u is like Mercury.

Funny Science Puns

  1. What did one photon say to the other photon?
    I’m sick and tired of your interference.
  2. What’s the best science?
    Geology — it rocks!
  3. Schrodinger’s cat walks into a bar.
    And doesn’t.
  4. What’s the physicist’s favorite part at baseball games?
    The wave.
  5. Why do you go to jail for throwing Sodium Chloride at somebody?
    It’s a salt!
  6. Why is electricity the perfect student?
    Because it conducts itself so well.
  7. What did is a nuclear physicist’s favorite snack?
    Fission Chips.
  8. Why did the chicken cross the mobius strip?
    To get to the same side.
  9. Chemists are totally wild!
    Some drop acid, and others drop the base.
  10. A biologist and a physicist got married but got divorced soon after.
    There was just no chemistry.

Science Puns for Kids

  1. Why did the chemistry lab blow up?
    Because oxidants happen!
  2. Why are chemists so good at solving problems?
    They have all the solutions!
  3. Sodium atoms walk into a bar…

Then in comes batman!

  1. Why does the photon never have to check suitcases on for flights?
    Because they’re traveling light.
  2. Why is ice so edgy?
    Because it was water before it was cool!
  3. The cost of the space program is truly astronomical!
  4. What kind of bears dissolve in water?
    Polar bears!
  5. What’s the computer’s favourite snack?
  6. Why does no one like to talk to Pi at parties?
    Because he goes on forever.
  7. How do deaf mathematicians communicate?
    Through sine language.

Science Puns for Adults

  1. What do scientist get for bad breath?
  2. Why did the dinosaur cross the road?
    Because chickens didn’t exist yet!
  3. How does the astronaut serve their tea?
    In flying saucers!
  4. What is the tornado’s favourite game?
  5. I like looking at a chart of all the chemical elements…
  6. I’m fascinated by water’s gas form.
    It mist-ifies me.
  7. What do you call a rude acid?
    A meano-acid.
  8. How do you cut this sea in two?
    With a see saw!
  9. What is an astronaut’s favourite thing on the keyboard?
    The space bar!
  10. Why don’t scientists have doorbells?
    Because they want to win no-bell prizes!

Science Puns for Instagram

  1. Normal people scare me.
  2. I can’t decide whether I’m hungry or horny.
  3. Sometimes all you need is a billion dollars.
  4. Time doesn’t heal shit.
  5. Better a witty fool than a foolish wit.
  6. When in doubt, google it.
  7. It’s not a Sunday unless your breakfast becomes your lunch.
  8. Only dead fish go with the flow.
  9. If a man says he will fix it, he will. There is no need to remind him every 6 months.
  10. You shouldn’t always follow the crowd. Everybody could be going to the dentist!

Science Puns Names

  1. 100 Degrees Kelvin
  2. Big Bang
  3. Solution Squad
  4. Space Monkey Mafia
  5. Springfield Isotopes
  6. Stay Positive
  7. Big Dippers
  8. Bio Bosses
  9. Zenith Vipers
  10. We Matter
  11. We’ve Got Chemistry
  12. Zodiacal Lights
  13. Bleacher Creatures from Mars
  14. Bond, Hydrogen Bond
  15. Abominable Astronauts
  16. Team Opportunity
  17. The Doomsday Bunnies
  18. Angels of Venus
  19. Atoms Before Molecules
  20. Bald Mars Eagles

Science Puns one liners

  1. No matter how popular they get, antibiotics will never go viral
  2. When organisms don’t like the rules, they protist.
  3. If a plant is sad, do the other plants photosympathize with it?
  4. If Fred Flintstone’s neurotransmitters could talk, they would say “GABA- dabba doo!”
  5. Two blood cells met and fell in love but alas it was all in vein
  6. Rest in peace, boiling water, you will be mist
  7. Watt is love? Baby don’t hertz me.
  8. Let’s get PHYSICS-cal
  9. 1 millionth of a mouthwash is 1 microscope
  10. Basic unit of laryngitis is 1 hoarsepower

Science Puns and Jokes

  1. How do astronomers organize a party?
    They planet.
  2. Why can’t you trust an atom?
    Because they make up everything.
  3. Scientists have proven that there are two things in the air that have been known to cause women to get pregnant:
    their legs.
  4. What do clouds do when they become rich?
    They make it rain!
  5. Why shouldn’t you make fun of a paleontologist?
    Because you will get Jurasskicked.

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