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taco puns

Taco Puns

  1. You cannot make everybody happy, you are not a taco.
  2. Are you into fitness?
    Yeah, I’m fit’n’ess whole taco into my mouth.
  3. Why did the baker open a tortilla factory?
    For the extra dough!
  4. Where are the best tacos served?
    In the Gulp of Mexico!
  5. It was a hostile taco-ver.
  6. What do you call a cynical cow?
    Sour cream.
  7. Why did the taco chef stop cooking?
    He ran out of thyme.
  8. We can taco-ver the phone.
  9. What is a spicy tacos favorite movie?
    Catch me if you Cayenne!
  10. Why can’t you trust tacos?
    They tend to spill the beans

Best Taco Puns 2021

  1. Did that taco chef act rudely toward me?
    Yeah, he was jalapeño business.
  2. Let’s not burrito round the bush.
  3. Waiter Waiter! Will my taco be long?
    No, it will be round!
  4. If you don’t like tacos, I’m nacho type.
  5. Why didn’t the taco chef show up for work today?
    He had a bad queso the flu.
  6. I hate tacos, said no Juan ever.
  7. I don’t want to taco ’bout it.
  8. How do taco chefs live their lives?
    By seasoning the moment!
  9. This taco is Mexcellent!
  10. How do tacos say grace?
    Lettuce play.

Awesome Taco Puns

  1. My hobbies include eating tacos and complaining that I’m getting fat.
  2. The difference between tacos and your opinion is that I asked for tacos…
  3. I want someone to look at me the way I look at tacos.
  4. I wish I were full of tacos instead of emotions.
  5. I want to start juicing but I’m hesitant because I don’t know how to juice tacos.

Cool Taco Puns

  1. Why you gotta be jalapeño in my business? I’m nacho sure I want to taco bout it
  2. Let’s give ‘em something to taco bout.
  3. Some days I eat salad and go to the gym. Some I chase 10 tacos with a dozen shots of tequila. It’s called balance.
  4. Bikini season is just around the corner. Unfortunately, so is the taco truck.
  5. Taco cat spelled backwards is taco cat.

Tasty Taco Puns

  1. “Waiter, this taco tastes funny!”
    “Then why aren’t you laughing”
  2. How do taco chefs live their lives?
    By seasoning the moment!
  3. What do you call a tortilla chip that works out?
    A macho nacho.
  4. Why did the baker open a tortilla factory?
    For the extra dough!
  5. Who serves food at the star wars taqueria?
    Darth Waiter

Taco Puns for Kids

  1. Whats a dogs favorite taco?
  2. Have you heard the new quesadilla joke?
    Never mind, its too cheesy!
  3. What does a depressed tortilla say?
    I don’t wanna taco ’bout it.
  4. What Tex-Mex food is good at math?
  5. Have you heard the joke about the santa fe taco?
    It was corny.

Taco Puns for Adults

  1. “Waiter! Whats wrong with the eggs in this breakfast taco?”
    “I don’t know sir, I only laid the table”
  2. “Waiter waiter! Theres a bee in my taco!”
    “Yes sir, its the fly’s day off”
  3. “Waiter! What is the moldy stuff”
    “Thats a bean taco.”
    “Im sure it’s been a taco, but what is it now?!?”
  4. “Waiter, what is this fly doing in the salsa?”
    “Looks like the backstroke”
  5. “Waiter, I ordered guac an hour ago, how long will the chips be?”
    “About 4 inches each I assume”

Taco Puns for Instagram

  1. the only bad taco is the one you didn’t eat
  2. taco Tuesday
  3. live every day like taco Tuesday
  4. in a relationship with tacos
  5. taco dirty to me
  6. i’d rather eat tacos than be skinny
  7. what’s happenin’, hot sauce?
  8. daydreaming about tacos
  9. tacos are my love language
  10. life without tacos is no life at all
  11. best Disney princess? taco belle
  12. tacos with a side of tacos please
  13. i can’t make everyone happy. i’m not a taco
  14. stressed, blessed, and taco-obsessed
  15. i’m sorry for what i said before i had tacos
  16. a well-balanced diet is a taco in each hand
  17. forget the flowers, buy her tacos
  18. feed me tacos and tell me i’m pretty
  19. i work out so i can eat tacos
  20. it’s beginning to look a lot like tacos

Taco Puns Names

  1. Those Taco Bros
  2. Mexicanos Taco’s
  3. Gingos Taco’s
  4. The Taco Truck
  5. Taco Trucker
  6. Taco Amigos
  7. Full Metal Tacos
  8. Southern Taco Co.
  9. Sunshine Taco’s
  10. The Urban Taco
  11. Californian Taco Co.
  12. Taco Taxi
  13. Taco Bros
  14. Texas Taco Co
  15. The Nomadic Taco
  16. Taco Zone
  17. The Happy Taco
  18. Taco Mexicano
  19. Taco Trailer
  20. Macho Taco
  21. Wicked Taco’s
  22. Taco Central
  23. Ramos Taco’s
  24. Taco Central
  25. Taco Brothers

Taco Puns one liners

  1. Have a spec-taco-ler day!
  2. Let’s Taco bout it
  3. Taco big or taco home
  4. Taco chance on me
  5. Taco walk on the wild side
  6. Taco where you want to go
  7. Taco your time
  8. Tac-O-M-G
  9. Taco back where you came from
  10. Hostile taco’ver

Taco Puns and Jokes

  1. I went to a Mexican restaurant…
    They asked if I was ordering for here or taco.
  2. I can be the Taco Beast.
    If you’re my Taco Belle!
  3. Guys I’m having a taco emergency
    Call 9 Juan Juan
  4. In a surprise move, Taco Bell is acquiring Taco Bueno…
    It’s a hostile tacover.
  5. If you mix taco bell sauce into your ramen..
    It tastes exactly like poverty.

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