A former employee confronts Shakira for being bossy and angry

Shakira is among the most popular performers in the world, however, she is making headlines for reasons that aren't related to her music right now.

The actress is embroiled in a very public dispute with her long-time boyfriend Gerard Pique, the Barcelona centre-back.

The footballer is believed to have been cheating on her, and now the couple must go through an in-depth custody trial to determine what happens to their children.

To add heat to the fire Shakira is at the center of one of her former employees hers has publicly criticized her conduct and her personality.

Cristina Cardenas, who worked at least once on several occasions as an assistant coordinator for extras that is, the person responsible for organizing

the actors who are featured in the Colombian Shakira's videos was a vocal critic about Shakira's challenging method of being.

"She is bossy. A Shakira video that could take four hours to shoot takes up to 17 hours. She ends up making the producer, the directors, everyone exhausted," said Cardenas.

Cardenas continued to say the fact that her personality is difficult to work with. It is the reason why a lot of professionals don't want to collaborate with her.

"She is an angry person, you can't even look her in the eye, and if you happen to take out your mobile phone near her she demands that you don't take photos.