A Mark Wahlberg Real-Life Drama Is Destroying Netflix

In Mark Wahlberg's long career, he's changed from rapping in Boston to appearing in motion-picture films of major importance 

with big names like Amy Adams, George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Charlize Theron as well as Dwayne Johnson. 

Famous for taking risks in his career to working for well-known directors Wahlberg impressed audiences with his performance in the biographical movie Father Stu which was also his production.

The film, is based on a real story and has been a modest success at the box office and is currently rising in the rankings on Netflix to take first place on its subscription-based streaming platform. 

According to FlixPatrol the website created to monitor streaming content across the globe, 

Father Stu is currently the most watched film in the United States on Netflix across the United States, beating out other titles such as Do Revenge, Morbius, and I Used to Be Famous. 

Father Stu is a film starring Mark Wahlberg as Stuart Long who was a former boxer and Catholic priest

who seeks to inspire his fellow priests when he is confronted with his past of crime and a rare condition that is known as the inclusion body myositis. 

Wahlberg directed the film and planned the film to honor Long's tale, given that the priest who was real died in 2014.