A viral photo showing Lakers star LeBron James and his son Bryce is an amazing sight to see

Bryce James, at the moment, is only 15 years old. Although he is still in middle school, 

the second son of Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James looks like he is ready to take over the basketball world.

On social media, a recent photo of Bryce standing beside his father is trending. It shows Bryce looking a little shorter than his father.

Bryce, the Lakers' star, stands at 6'9", which would make him around 6'6. 

Bryce may not be standing straight in the above photo, so it is possible that he might actually be taller than he appears in the image.

Bryce could gain weight. Although he doesn't have a particularly lanky physique, there is no doubt that he could work out more. 

He is also standing right next to his father, who is quite a physique. LeBron James will make anyone look slimmer than they are.

Bryce is not only about his height. Bryce, the son of Lakers star and basketball legend LeBron, also inherited some of his father's elite basketball genes. 

LeBron shared a clip of Bryce dunk while also praising his son for being his "twin."

Many consider Bronny James to be the heir of LeBron's throne. But it seems like everyone should not sleep on Bryce.