According to an ex-WWE Superstar, Triple H disapproves of 5-time World Champion

Rene Dupree revealed that Triple H was not a good friend with The Sandman during his brief stint in WWE.

Five-time ECW World Heavyweight Champion, he appeared in WWE in 2005, before signing with the company in 2006.

He was released in 2006, just four months after he had moved to RAW from WWE ECW.

Dupree spoke on his podcast "Cafe de Rene", reflecting on the time when The Sandman "snapped back-and-forth" with a WWE executive prior to a show.

Santino Marella was defeated by The Sandman in the final WWE match. This episode of RAW aired on September 10, 2007. Two days later, he left the company.

Triple H, a New Hampshire native, was born in Nashua. He was a French-speaking character in WCW, even though he couldn't speak French.

Rene Dupree (French-Canadian) recalled how NXT founder seemed to dislike the fact his surname sounds French

Dupree stated that he won't confess it, but he is of French descent. "That's another thing that p ****d off him, when I called out his French last name.

It's like uber French. French people, like me, have a tendency of saying what they feel. It's in our genes, it's in us. This is why so many people don't like you