Alyson Hannigan's Child Got Fired From How I Met Your Mother 

Alyson Hannigan has been portrayed as the neighbor girl with a dark side 

however, it's not hard to find fault with producers of television and film. 

Hannigan's vivacious eye and sexy voice are amazing for telling shocking comedy on"American Pie 

"American Pie" films and as a member in"How I Met Your Mom," the CBS show "How I Met Your Mother. 

Her breakout role in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," her character, Willow Rosenberg, transformed from a shy 

sweet friend to an imposing witch whose actions could be extremely terrifying. 

Hannigan admitted in Cinema Blend that she hadn't seen their children "Buffy" because of "Dark Willow" in Season 6 "How to explain this?