Amber Heard fans mock Johnny Depp & Jeff Beck over the new album "18".

Jeff Beck's "18" album, in which Johnny Depp participated extensively with the lyrics and

the voice of the actor has been criticized by many, particularly those who continue to defend Amber Heard.

Fans of "Aquaman" made their voices heard by voicing strong criticism of Johnny Depp.

They claim that the music is not suitable for them, but the acting is.

Amber Heard's Twitter followers called attention to the album "18" with a criticism.

They pointed out that Johnny does not refer to his ex-partner directly in the songs.

However, they also made it clear that the songs are about phrases and words that have double meanings that put the actress in a difficult position.

Depp didn't mention Amber in his line singing "you're sitting here like an itchy seven-year old dog", but a Twitter account called "Pro-bono Amber fan"

pointed out that Johnny and Jeff seemed like "celibates" when discussing the actress like that.