Amber Heard is supposedly the third most beautiful woman on earth, a step behind Bella Hadid and Beyonce

Stop all of it! If you believed that beauty was a subjective concept Then you're wrong!

Based on certain (some might argue that they are outdated) science-based

standards that date back to Antiquity and beyond, it is possible to measure

the beauty of a piece of art or object, a structure, the natural world as well as human faces.

Personality charm and charisma do not help because physical beauty is the sole domain of science.

In this contest, it's Bella Hadid who wins.However, it's Amber Heard, third in the list,

that the media has been focusing on lately and at a time that the trial she was on with Johnny Depp had just ended.

Dr Julian De Silva, a British plastic surgeon, who runs his own Centre for

Advanced Facial Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery in London is the person at the