An appalling demon-hunting fantasy horror somehow slays on streaming 

In their own right the genres of horror and fantasy are among the most popular genres that are found in every form of literature and art. 

Combining the two, put an idea with a high-concept that allows for an abundance of action

at the very least, something decent should come out as a result, surely? Evidently, the answer is negative 

if we base our assumption solely on the reaction to the film in 2020's Angels Fallen. 

A 2.9/10 rating on IMDb is not bad enough however, the most telling criticism of the film is in the form of Rotten Tomatoes users. 

The aggregation website it is common for the public to give panned films considerably more 

with regard to Angels Fallen, not a one positive review was left by any one who was unfortunate enough to waste their time with it movie.