An MMA fighter nicknamed 'Pitbull' scored a knockout so quick 

A MMA fighter who was dubbed "Pitbull" scored a knockout which was so quick the round-clock didn't get a chance to show in the broadcast. 

Ukraine lightweight Bogdan Gnidko fought in the eighth professional bout of his career on KSW 73 

a KSW 73 nine-bout event that was held on the premises of Cos Torwar in Warsaw, Poland. 

Fighting in a match against Polish boxer Damian Piwowarczyk midway through the fight 

Gnidko had one of the "blink and you'll miss it" moments when he smashed

his opponent with the first strike he hit -an opponent punch. 

Piwowarczyk was unsure of what struck him as he tried to break the kick of his own, but he came unblocked a few seconds later.