Ana de Armas says she requested Marilyn Monroe for her permission to record 'Blonde' while she visited her grave

Ana de Armas visited the burial site of Marilyn Monroe to request permission to portray her character in "Blonde."

"We received this huge card, and the entire team wrote a note towards her" de Armas said in an interview with AnOther magazine, which was published on Tuesday

"Then I went over to the burial ground, and laid it in her tomb. We asked permission," she continued.

The first Netflix film, written and directed by Andrew Dominik, attempts to focus on the woman who is behind the iconic image of culture.

The filming began on August 4, which was the day of Marilyn Monroe's death.De Armas talked about her emotional reaction by the magnitude of the character.

"Everyone was aware of the immense obligation and we were aware of the other side of the story we telling - the tale of Norma Jeane,

the person behind the character Marilyn Monroe," she continued. "The burden of it was a constant reminder for me," she added.

It's not the first time that those working on the film have expressed their feelings about the influence of Monroe's spirit upon the film.