Ana De Armas talks about the Requirement For John Wick Spin-Off

Ana de Armas has made a career of playing as assassins and spies in movies.

She has already starred alongside one of the greatest spies ever in No Time to Die,

and The Gray Man will be another excellent showcase of her talents.

She'll be able to play the role of Ballerina in her assassin thriller.

De Armas was hesitant to accept the role but she made sure that one

requirement was met: a female screenwriter was available to write the screenplay.

Ana de Armas spoke to ELLE about her search for the perfect writer to play Ballerina.

She said that it was crucial for her to hire a female writer because, up until then,

the only person involved in the project was Len Wiseman and another man. And I was like, "That's not going work.