andrew garfield height As Kate Winslet In 'Titanic' Deepfake

Arnold Schwarzenegger As Kate Winslet In 'Titanic' Is The Funniest Deepfake You'll Ever See

We've all had enough all the "ooh, deepfakes are scary technology" part. What about some serious laughter by using deepfakes?

This is what the dazzling TikTok creator has decided to do with this enormous artificially-intelligent power.

All gentlemen let us introduce Arnold Schwarzenegger as Kate Winslet ... as Rose DeWitt Bukater in the most famous scenes in "Titanic".

Posted by an TikToker who is known under the name Joe Gaudet, this has been deemed to be the most entertaining use of fake technology we've ever seen. The viewers are experiencing in the deepfake glory.

"The seriousness of his gaze at the end hahahaha," one of the viewers said.

"This feels so wrong and yet so right at the same time ....a true masterpiece," another viewpoint rightly stated.

"The internet didn't want this," another user said. "It needed this."

And lastly the most common anxiety, "This better not awaken any emotion in my mind. ..."