Antony Starr landed the Major Villain role in Marvel

Although he may have been a well-known actor as the evil reflection Superman in Amazon Prime’s adaptation of The Boys (which aired on Prime),

it now appears that Anthony Starr is heading to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Our trusted source confirmed that Starr, a New Zealand-born actor, has been cast in the role of a major antagonist in the MCU.

Marvel will announce the official word in the next few months.

Although we don't yet know who he will play, we believe that Marvel

has recruited Anthony Starr to help bring mutants into their universe.

When Marvel announces Starr's casting, we believe it will be that Starr plays Sebastian Shaw, also known as the Black King.

If we are right, Shaw will not be the first person to be brought to life-action.

Kevin Bacon was the character's actor in 2011's X-Men: First Class.