Aquaman may have just met his new boyfriend

In a preview of DC's Batman: Fortress #5, Jackson Hyde, DC’s second Aquaman, meets what appears like a new love interest. 

A preview of the issue was provided by DC. Jackson is in Barbados and meets Wade. 

Wade, originally from Central City, was stranded in Barbados after a major blackout caused in Batman: Fortress #1.

He quickly made friends with Jackson and followed him to a private spot on a beach. 

They converse for a while before being interrupted by a group that tells them that they "don’t belong here". 

Jackson summons a tide to throw everyone into the ocean using his powers. 

As the rest of the group is being hurled into the ocean, Jackson assures Wade that he won't drown and grabs Wade. 

Jackson became close to Ha'Wea (a guard for Xebel) during the Dark Crisis events. He officially began dating Ha'Wea in DC Pride 2022 #1. 

Jackon and Ha'Wea last saw each other in Aquaman #6 while they were on a date.