Ariana Grande shows off her natural curls on Instagram with no makeup 

The pop star, pop singer, is expanding her beauty empire by announcing her God Is a Woman Body range on Instagram Sunday. 

The Reel showcased her natural curls and makeup-free skin.

"After seven+ years of creating fragrances, I'm thrilled to announce today that we have launched our first full body collection !!!

According to the star, each is vegan and sustainably sourced.

"I'm so proud of this step, and all the things we've accomplished thus far. 

It will never get old for me to hear people say they love our fragrances and when I smell them on others, they'll say, "Thanks, it's yours!" '" Grande wrote.

She said, "It's an honor to create things and then to see you enjoy them in any / all capacities," adding that there are "many delicious surprises" ahead.