Asia Argento on Speaking out about Weinstein 

There was a time that Asia Argento was acting for some of the most famous actors in the world 

including Sofia Coppola (Marie Antoinette), Gus Van Sant (Last Days) and George Romero (Land of the Dead). 

There was also a bit of flirtation with Hollywood in the form of a co-star alongside Vin Diesel in the hit spy thriller XXX. 

Then the whole thing was over. In 2013 she was the Italian actress-director's desire to appear to the camera vanished. 

"I was like: 'I don't want to act any more'," she confesses. "And the desire is coming back. 

Therefore, I'm determined to keep this passion burning."It's not difficult to figure out the reason why her passion for acting waned. 

At 46, over the past couple of years she's been in spotlight more for her role of the Harvey Weinstein scandal than her work.