Authorities say the suspected Buffalo supermarket shooter traveled from hours away. Here's what we know 

Authorities believe that the suspect who fatally shot 10 people dead and injured three others in a Buffalo supermarket on Saturday came to the other New York county hours away. 

The shooter traveled hours from outside this community to perpetrate this crime on the people of Buffalo,  

a day when people were enjoying the sunshine, enjoying family, enjoying friends," Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said at a news conference on Saturday evening.  

People in a supermarket, shopping, and bullets raining down on them. People's lives being snuffed out in an instant for no reason." 

A suspect named Payton Gendron, an 18-year-old White male has been indicted with murder in the first degree, Buffalo City Court Chief Judge Craig Hannah told CNN 

noting that the district attorney's office plans to indict Gendron and bring further charges. Gendron was not found guilty of the charge. 

The suspect began shooting in the parking area of the store before moving inside  

which is where he continued to shoot until surrendering Buffalo police commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said. 

Thirteen people were shot and three suffered non-life-threatening injuries, Gramaglia stated.