Barbara Broccoli James Bond is evolving like real men

The 62-year-old producer has been leading the '007' movie franchise via Eon Productions 

along with her half-brother Michael G. Wilson since her father's passing. Cubby gave control of the company in 1995. 

She has thus far made a selection of Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig who quit the role in 2021, 

after 15 years as the main spy character, but she said that her next Bond will be a "couple of years" away. 

She explained: "The thing is, it's going to be some time away. And when we're casting Bond the next time, it's a 10-twelve-year commitment. 

He's probably thinking "Do I really want to do this thing? It's not the case for everyone to take on that task. 

It was a challenge to get Daniel Craig to do itto do it. Many people think, "Oh, yeah it would be great to try one It would be fun! Well. 

It's not going to be a good idea! "Michael said: "It's a big investment for us as well, to create the next Bond! 

"Barbara explained that finding an actor who can portray the role of Bond the spy film icon is not just about recasting the role.