Barbie Star Teases The Margot Robbie Movie's Unexpected Tone 

Barbie actress Emma Mackey teases an unexpected character for the forthcoming film. 

The much-anticipated Barbie film is written by Lady Bird and Little Women's Greta Gerwig 

who wrote the script along with the actress' frequent collaborator, 

collaborator, Noah Baumbach, who is an extremely talented filmmaker of his own. 

Baumbach's last film was in the year 2019's Marriage Story with this year's White Noise now on its trail, and it features Gerwig in the lead role. 

Following the release of that film, Barbie will be Gerwig and Baumbach's upcoming collaboration, showcasing the two's incredible talents. 

the Mattel doll along with Ryan Gosling, who sports six-pack abs in the role of Ken.