Barbra Banda an emerging soccer star for women, was declared out of eligibility by "gender verification" tests

Barbra Banda, who is a rising superstar in women's soccer and captain of Zambia's national team, was found not eligible for next summer's

Africa Cup of Nations by "gender verification" tests, according to Zambian soccer officials and numerous reports.

Banda, 22, a forward, has scored two hat-tricks at the last season's Olympics and has made a name for herself with her Chinese team, Shanghai Shengli.

However, she was "unavailable" for Zambia's women's AFCON opening game on Sunday because of the soccer federation of Zambia (FAZ) stated as "medical reasons."

The news soon became known that tests conducted prior to the tournament have revealed testosterone levels that were higher than the limits established by the organizations that govern.

Andrew Kamanga, the FAZ president, stated in a statement on Wednesday that the rules follow that set by the

African soccer confederation, CAF, and in accordance with the regulations formulated by FIFA the world's soccer ruling body.

CAF has dissociated itself from Banda's absence and has not responded to Yahoo Sports' request for information.

However, Kamanga said to BBC Sport Africa: "All the players had to undergo gender verification, a CAF requirement, and unfortunately she did not meet the criteria set by CAF."