Bella Hadid wore Jeans so baggy that they defy gravity

Couture Week is in Paris, which means fashion's limits are pushed to their limits.

Shoulder pads can be mistakenly thought to be Tempurpedic pillows, eveningwear is engulfed by ruffle tiering, and celebrities flock to the front rows to make the most of it.

Bella Hadid is a mainstay of the trendsetting crew. She has more influence on her wardrobe choices than she does on the runway.

According to Bella Hadid, Balenciaga and others, baggy jeans are only going to get baggier.

Is it possible to find out if Hadid is a superhero or mad scientist side hustle? This latest look seems to defy gravity.

In just a few hours Bella Hadid donned three completely different Balenciaga looks, giving us two street style moments as well as one amazing runway look.

Bella Hadid was a standout model on Balenciaga’s runway. She wore my favorite Balenciaga look, but she also had to compete with other pop culture icons such as Kim Kardashian, Dua lipa, and Nicole Kidman.

Although I don't know what inspired this celeb spinoff of America's Next Top Model (or even why), I love it.

Bella Hadid's first look was sporty and simple, which is exactly how I like the model's usual outfit choices. Hadid wore a one-piece workout short with a quilted vest.