Bill Gates, used LinkedIn to showcase his impressive resume when he was only 18

Of all the information you can discover on social media as well as other platforms it is hard to locate Bill Gates' resume is hard to locate

but it is not the case when Gates himself makes it available to everyone in the world.

Most likely, in the last few years, he'll be using the typewriter

In the picture posted by him, you'll observe the most current formats.

It's typical of the 1970s, when everybody had a typewriter, and the mere act being able to avoid making mistakes was already an achievement.

In the newspaper, the writer added a note that reads: "If you are a recent graduate or college dropout, I'm sure your resume looks a lot better than mine from 48 years ago".

Gates was in high his school and studying at Harvard University, as you can see on the upper right corner of the page.

He was involved in technological projects as a child.But that didn't stop this billionaire now involved in a variety of technology-related projects.

At the time the company was called Structure of Operating Systems or Computer Graphics.

The billionaire outlined the salary at the time, which was good He earned $12,000 was at that time was willing to receive different amounts of money.