Black Widow Natasha Romanoff Gets a Proper Goodbye 

The thing is that there's a lot to be said regarding Marvel's Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

You're either completely invested or you're not. Personally, for me it was only after "Black Panther" 

until I began to become invested, and since the movie, I've been awaiting the next MCU film 

that will inspire me to be interested in the next chapter of the MCU franchise. "Black Widow" was it. 

Check out the full description of Marvel's "Black Widow." In Marvel Studios' action-packed spy thriller "Black Widow 

Natasha Romanoff known as Black Widow confronts the darker areas of her ledger when a shady plot with connections to her past is revealed. 

Natasha must deal with her previous spying experience as well as the broken bonds that were left behind even before she was an Avenger.