Blake Lively celebrates his 35th birthday with sweet desserts

Include a personalized cake from her sister

Blake Lively will be launching a new year by celebrating one birthday with a dessert-filled celebration!

Betty Buzz founder, who turned 35 on Thursday Aug. 25, celebrated with many cakes and other confections throughout the weekend.

Lively shared pictures of edible gifts on Sunday via her Instagram Story. 

Robyn, Lively's sister made one of her most adorable cakes. It was baked by Beascakes Bakery, Armonk, New York. 

The pink topsy-turvy cake was filled with personal details. On the back, there were images of Lively on various red carpets. 

The bottom tray said: "Happy Birthday Sweet Sisy!"

She also posted a classic chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and a "Happy birthday" message. 

The cake looked like someone was digging in with a fork. Lively said that the treat reminded her of Matilda's iconic Matilda cake.