Blake Lively told Ryan Reynolds to Sleep on the Couch

How do you get Blake Lively to appear in Ryan Reynolds' new ad? It's clearly not an easy task.

As many fans know that the couple loves to harass each other through social media.

They also Lively and playfully roasted Reynolds following his most recent commercial for his business Mint Mobile.

In the commercial, Reynolds announces the new family plan and invites his wife to appear on camera to discuss the new plan.

However, instead of Lively appearing on the set, a different actress is seen.

When Reynolds states that the surprise guest isn't their wife, the actress says she's acting in place of Lively "on set during the boring stuff."

The Deadpool star claims that he's "literally revolutionizing the category." However, the character is dissatisfied.

"Yeah," she replied. "She owes me huge for this one."

Reynolds then asks the replacement to inform Lively the reason he's upset, but Lively immediately shifts his decision. "No," he says. "Don't tell her that."