Brad Pitt Reveals Who is the Most Beautiful men in the World

Brad Pitt, 58, has a different opinion on who is among the most attractive men on the planet and he did not vote for himself. 

Brad Pitt revealed two of his fellow actors, in the past and now, whom he believes are among the best in terms of appearance charm, and charisma during an interview for Vogue.

"You are aware in the world of acting because that's my job... Brad's obvious choice for me is Paul Newman," Brad declared. 

"Because the actor grew so gracefully. According to all reports, he was] an extremely unique, generous, warm and sincere human being.

"If I had to identify someone present, then I'll mention the George Clooney f*cker because why not?" he jokingly continued. 

"Because generally, I'm going out with him, and the other time, he's always taking me out. This time, I'm going opposite way, just this once.

"In addition to discussing whom he believes are the most beautiful men, Brad opened up about his latest grooming line, 

Le Domaine Skincare, and acknowledged his former co-star Gwyneth Paltrow as the source of the idea for his new venture. 

The actress owns Goop which is a health company that's been highly popular throughout the years