Brandon Cronenberg's Infinity Pool Receives NC-17 Rating

Brandon Cronenberg's newest sci-fi movie, Infinity Pool, has surprised the MPAA enough to be able to get the NC-17 grade for its graphic violence and sexual content. 

Cronenberg has the father of the body horror filmmaker David Cronenberg, 

who is no one to shy away from pushing boundaries and has previously directed the shocking sci-fi thrillers Antiviral as well as Possessor. 

Infinity Pool stars Pearl star Mia Goth and Alexander Skarsgard and tells the tale of a wealthy couple 

who spend their vacation in a luxurious resort with dark secrets hidden within the walls.

Alongside Goth as well as Skarsgard, Infinity Pool stars Thomas Kretschmann, Amanda Brugel, Caroline Boulton, John Ralston, Jeff Ricketts, Jalil Lespert, and Roderick Hill. 

The producer, Neon, is reportedly already considering appealing the movie's rating to C.A.R.A. Appeals Board. 

The MPAA is reportedly assigning NC-17 ratings more frequently in recent months and has slapped the biopic of Netflix Blonde with the controversial rating of some sexual content. 

Netflix isn't believed to be looking to appeal the film's rating.