Brian Cox warns 'Succession' creator Jesse Armstrong to 'keep it royalist' following Charles gag 

Brian Cox warned 'Succession' creator Jesse Armstrong to "keep it royalist" after the author made jokes about king Charles at the Emmy awards.

The actor who came out following Jesse 51 and made jokes about it being a week of great importance in the world of "successions" across Britain as he won the prize for the best drama series.

He made reference to King Charles being the first monarch to be elected 

after the death of Queen Elizabeth and claimed there was a "bit more vote" to be done before he was awarded an award for 'Succession'.

Jesse declared: "Big week for 'Succession'. A new king has been elected in the UK this week for us. 

It appears that there were a few more votes involved over Prince Charles.

"British actor Lucy Prebble, 41, was seen holding her hands in her mouth in response to the gag.

Brian later appeared the stage alongside Jesse and urged "keep the royal approach, be it royalist".

But Jesse added: "I'm not saying that we're any more credible in our role than he does - we'll let other people.