Brie Larson: Run to her The Marvels Co-Star in A Gift Shop

Brie Larson will soon be returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

The hype train for the movie is already building. 

Larson posted a few things about them, and the latest one seemed to have a "chance-meetup" vibe.

After Vellani had finished riding the Marvel-themed roller coaster, Larson and Vellani met in the gift shop. 

You can see the reactions of the two when they bumped into each other.

Although the encounter was being recorded, it appears that Brie Larson's and Iman Vellani's meeting was not staged. 

Based on their reactions, it seemed that this was the cast. 

Vellani was telling Brie Larson that she just completed a turn on Avengers Assemble Flight Force, a rollercoaster at Walt Disney Studio Park. 

Vellani apparently rode it alone and both of them were impressed by the overall speed.