Brie Larson shares why she is uncertain about her MCU future

Brie Larson, the Hollywood star who plays the Captain Marvel role in Marvel Cinematic Universe has spoken out about being unsure about her future. 

She was referring to the fact that many internet trolls don't want her to return.

E! E! Variety asked her to clarify that she didn't know. Is anyone asking me to do it again? I don't know. I don't really know. 

That's the question I don’t know the answer to. "Larson was there to preview her next MCU entry in 2023's The Marvels'. 

She was joined by Iman Vellani who plays Ms Marvel and Teyonah France who plays Monica Rambeau.

The Oscar-winning actor posted a photo of herself and Nia DaCosta, the director of 'The Marvels', a day later. 

E! reported that Larson captioned his photo with "trolls compbust", referring to the backlash against her and Vellani. News.

Review-bombings of both their superhero films had occurred shortly after they were released. 

Though 'Captain Marvel' is the seventh-highest-grossing MCU film of the 29 released films, it was plagued by sexist comments both before and after its 2019 premiere.

Regardless of Larson's comments, even more, of Captain Marvel will soon be seen in MCU. Larson will also be appearing in 2025's "Avengers: Secret Wars" as per E! News. (ANI)