Britney Spears’ mom responds to recent accusations 

Britney Spears's mother is sharing her thoughts on the latest audio leak posted by the pop star on Sunday.

The recording details the difficult times during her conservatorship. Britney claims she was left out by her mother, Lynne Spears. 

The audio comes shortly after Britney declined numerous interviews including an interview with Oprah. 

The singer's mother Lynne has responded to the information Britney has revealed, which included numerous instances of abuse." 

Britney Your entire life I've tried to be there for your hopes and desires!" she wrote. 

"I have always tried my best to support you through the difficulties! I've never turned my back on you turned my back to you!

""Your refusals to me, and the numerous occasions I've flown out and made calls have me feeling defeated! I've tried everything," Britney's mother concluded.