Britney Spears Shares New Details About Her Conservatorship

Britney Spears was released from her conservatorship of 13 years in the year 2000 

since being candid about her time in the conservatorship where she was under the control of her father.

Britney recently broke her Twitter absence and posted the link to a YouTube video that proved to be a 22-minute audio memo

in which she spoke about her experiences both within and outside of the conservatorship. 

While Britney has kept the video private however, the recording has been shared from her fans.

In the recording, Britney said she's "had tons of opportunities, Oprah, interviews, to go on a platform and share the hardships and just really anything that's going on in my mind." 

The opportunities began to come in following Britney was released from her conservatorship, which lasted 13 years, in the month of November 2021.

His father, Jamie Spears, served as her conservator for her estate throughout the time, but Jamie was removed from the position a few months prior to when the conservatorship was dissolved.

But, Spears explained why she hasn't taken all of them by saying, "I really don't think anything is worth it and getting paid to share your story.