The lawyer of Johnny Depp Camille Vasquez wants to be"a source of inspiration" for girls in the midst of their careers.

The lawyer of Johnny Depp Camille Vasquez isn't really focused on becoming a star, she is more interested in being a role model for her children.

Things have definitely been different in the case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard since their well-publicized defamation case ended. 

However, that's not all. The Pirates Of The Caribbean star's lawyer was a cult figure overnight.

Vasquez who represents Depp Recently, Vasquez opened up about his journey to fame. 

In a conversation in a meeting with Beverly Hills Bar Association, the lawyer acknowledged: 

"I feel like there are aspects of my life that I'm required to share with my fans or other people, and especially young women who have been able to come forward."

She said: "Thanks for being an inspirational person. Thanks for helping me through the tough times. or pushing me to return to school.

"I have a great obligation to them to keep working hard and to become an inspiration source for them."