Cardi B Explains the Meaning of Face Tattoo, Unveils New One on Instagram Live

Cardi B is telling the story of her new ink. After expressing her desire to get a face tattoo by the beginning of 2021, 

the rapper decided to make the announcement in August but the public hadn't yet seen the tattoo outside of an unveiled image from the tattooist.

Cardi has now revealed a more detailed glimpse of the face tattoo and a different design which was in the style of her children in an earlier Instagram Live session.

As reported by Billboard, Cardi hopped on IG Live on September 10 and shared two brand new tattoos.

The first was a pale black cursive "Wave" in memory of her son's birth on her face.

She also wore the same design "Kulture" across her arm to honor her daughter.

"I tattooed my son's name because I cherish him so much," she wrote on Instagram. 

"And I tattooed my daughter's name too." "I tatted my daughter's name." Wave tattoo has been inked to the lower jawline.