Casper Ruud's admission stuns fans during US Open men's final

In the event of the 2022 US Open final the on the line, Casper Ruud willingly gave the ball to the other team in an excellent act of sportsmanship. 

Ruud the Norwegian was injured in 3 games in the first set and had to desperately overcome Carlos Alcaraz at 4-3. 

Ruud was believed to have won the opening point by securing his serve in the 8th game of the opening set 

but admitted before the chair umpire that he was unable to hit the ball prior to it bouncing twice. 

It was not noticed by the umpire in the point, but Ruud quickly acknowledged the error and stepped the error as Alcaraz was applauded for his opponent's honesty. 

"Ladies and gentlemen Ruud has just admitted that he missed a double bounce. Ruud has confirmed that the ball bounced twice. 

The point is awarded the Alcaraz," the chair umpire announced.

Ruud's gesture was greeted with cheers by the fans of Arthur Ashe Stadium and the 23-year-old went on to take the next two points

meaning that if he did not concede the first point, the player could have had 3 break-points at the crucial moment in the opening set.