Chris Hemsworth To Say Goodbye To Thor

Following Love as well as Thunder's debut concerns about Chris Hemsworth's re-entry as Thor has surfaced. 

The actor's fans are wondering whether he will be reprising his legendary MCU role in the future or not. 

The most recent film is called Asgardian is the fourth standalone film, and has not been seen in Marvel prior to. It has raised doubts about his return.

Those who take the time to watch the Taika Waititi directorial will know there is a chance that The God of Thunder will be returning.

The next question that pops up to mind is whether or not it is a separate film or a long-running appearance in the next MCU project. 

Since Marvel has released a lengthy list of movies and shows for the upcoming Phases there are many possibilities to consider.

In fact, Chris Hemsworth has spoken about Thor's return previously and stated that he will continue acting in the role until removed from the stage. 

But now, concerns about the role arise when Chris Hemsworth once more talks about his return to the character in Thor

The Making of, which was released recently. Marvel Studios Assembled: The Making of Thor: Love and Thunder.