Christian Bale had to 'Isolate" Chris Rock on the 'Amsterdam’ Set

Christian Bale, a frequent method actor, is not prone to having trouble transforming into his characters when he's on set. His latest film, David O. 

Russell’s “Amsterdam”, was his last. But he met his co-star Chris Rock.

Bale said that Rock had told him stories on set but that Chris was "so bloody funny" it stopped him from getting into character.

He arrived, and he started to do some things... David O. Russell told him that he would tell me stories I didn't know.

This is how David works frequently. It was a great experience.

Bale said, "But Chris, is so bloody funny, and I discovered that I couldn’t act, because it was just me becoming Christian laughing at Chris Rock.

I was forced to confront him and said, "Mate, I love talking with you, and we have mutual friendships, but it's not possible for me to do it anymore.

David didn't ask me for this film to just make me laugh. He wants me to be Burt, and I'm losing how to be Burt.

Rock, an actor who is known for taking extra steps to prepare for roles in the theatre, didn't blame him. Bale isn't afraid to distance himself from his costars.