Christian Bale Says "TONS of People" Laughed at him when he said that his batman would be serious in the "dark knight" trilogy

Christian Bale claimed that he was ridiculed when he said that his Batman would be serious.

 "The Dark Knight Trilogy" director Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale 

were met with skepticism when they released their Batman trilogy in 2005.

Bale said that he would tell people "we're going to sort-of do Batman",

but that he takes him seriously in a recent interview with The Washington Post.

"I had tons people laugh at me and just tell me, "Well, that's just going to not work at all."

The idea not only worked, but it also revolutionized the way Hollywood saw comic-book material.

The stories would no longer be set in cartoonish settings and feature outrageous performances, as with the "Batman" films.

The stories would be set in real life. Bale and Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy earned over $2 billion at box office and won 2 Oscars.