Christian Bale would jump at chance to play cameo in 'Star Wars' 

Desiring to be a part of the Star Wars franchise for some time the actor of 48 years old might even be content to be a masked stormtrooper without lines 

which is why the actor would feel extremely "fortunate" if he was given a role in the film world that is "more than that

"All I ever wanted in 'Star Wars' was to be in a 'Star Wars' outfit and hit my head on a door 

something as I walked through," said the actor to The Hollywood Reporter.

"The people who actually saw 'Star Wars' often had a memory of the scene in which the Stormtrooper smashes his head against 

the door when he walks through. I always wanted to be the guy in that scene 

That was all I wanted to do. But If I'm lucky enough to play greater than this, the joy.